Hitachi becomes the next victim after a ransomware attack on GoAnywhere software

    After Rubrik, Hitachi Energy issued a public statement that some of its customer accounts might have been compromised, after a ransomware attack took place on a third-party software called Fortra GoAnywhere MFT.

    Clop ransomware gang is the company that managed to infiltrate the servers and siphon data and a portion of employee data might have been compromised.

    Hitachi says that it disconnected the server as soon as it learnt about the incident and deployed a team of cybersecurity experts to analyze and mitigate the risks associated with the malware attack.

    Thus, Hitachi is the second company after Rubrik, that was hit by Clop ransomware.

    Information is also out that the same gang was also behind the data breach of personal details of over 35,000 PayPal users. The financial services provider is facing a lawsuit from one of the victims, who was notified about the data breach in January this year. And according to him, the data steal took place in December 2023 and hackers accessed details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, DOBs, social security numbers and bank account details, along with the residual balances in respective PayPal accounts.

    However, an authenticity on this info is awaited and will only be known, as the case starts unfolding, in the court of law.

    NOTE- Fortra GoAnywhere MFT is a file transfer solution that is used to exchange information. It assists companies in automating file transfers in a centralized form and keeps a tab on file transfers and user access. The vulnerability on the software was fixed by Fortra in the first week of February this year. However, it seems like some customers missed out on the update.


    Naveen Goud
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