2021 Remote Workforce Security Report [Bitglass]

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Securing the remote workforce has become a critical priority for organizations affected by the closing of offices and workplaces in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
This Remote Workforce Security Report reveals the state of securing the new workforce. The report explores key challenges and unique security threats faced by organizations, technology gaps and preferences, investment priorities, and more.

Key findings include:

• While some organizations are having workers return to the office, the majority (57%) of organizations still have over three quarters of their teams working remotely a year into the pandemic.
• Organizations are highly focused on the network, as network access was the leading concern (69%) related to securing remote workers.
• 55% of organizations agree that relying upon VPN proved challenging throughout the shift to remote work. Using VPN frustrates users, is challenging to scale, and doesn’t provide zero-trust security.
• The remote state of operations for organizations calls for an increasingly cloud-centric IT ecosystem. A majority, at 71%, are in agreement that their organization will shift away from on-premises appliances and tools in favor of the cloud for enabling remote work. Timing for this shift is critical and should happen sooner versus later, especially in light of the pressures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We would like to thank Bitglass for supporting this important research.

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