PRODUCT REVIEW: Frontline Vulnerability Manager (Frontline VM) by digitaldefense


Today, we are reviewing the Frontline Vulnerability Manager by Digital Defense (a HelpSystems company).


The Frontline Vulnerability Manager (Frontline VM) is a cloud-based vulnerability management solution that finds, investigates, prioritizes and monitors cybersecurity deficiencies in networks and business-critical resources. This easy-to-use platform helps IT teams quickly gauge and prioritize risks and liabilities to their organization. The robust features of Frontline VM allow IT teams to strengthen cybersecurity and easily report to stakeholders and for compliance purposes.

What key problem(s) does the solution solve?

Frontline Vulnerability Manager addresses a number of key problems facing cybersecurity teams:

  • Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals: Frontline VM allows IT teams to work efficiently so they can do more with less.
  • Growing Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities: Frontline VM helps IT teams prioritize what is most important, so they don’t waste resources remediating vulnerabilities that don’t move the needle.
  • Increased Compliance Demands: Frontline VM streamlines compliance efforts, making it easier to meet growing regulatory demands.



1 – Security GPA: Frontline Security GPA is one of the most popular features in Frontline
VM. Designed for risk prioritization, Security GPA is predicated upon a simple metric
that resonates across all levels of an organization. It is based on the academic
grading system that uses both a four-point numerical scale in tandem with the letter
grades A-F. Security GPA has grown into a powerful and easy-to-use tool that helps
information security teams understand and communicate risk inside their network.

2 – Threat Landscape: Threat Landscape leverages threat intelligence to help security
teams understand the truly exploitable vulnerabilities that exist in their environment.
It has two components: 1) Threat Rank, which ranks threats that are exploitable inside
your network. 2) Active Risk Score considers factors unique to the environment, using
prebuilt or configurable risk profiles combining vulnerability severity, asset exposure,
and asset criticality to create and rate an organization’s risk appetite.

3 – Robust Reporting Capabilities: Frontline VM provides on-demand reporting with
powerful filtering capabilities so users can generate the report they need easily. With
clear, straightforward metrics and customizable levels of detail, Frontline VM paves the
way for productive information sharing, whether you are presenting to stakeholders,
clients, or compliance entities.

How is the solution unique or different from alternative approaches?

While other solutions may take weeks to deploy, Frontline VM is up and running in a matter of hours. IT teams can quickly learn and operate the platform without needing to dedicate extra resources to managing a complex system.

Additionally, users are supported by Frontline VM’s top-shelf customer support team which
includes a variety of scanning, testing, and compliance experts. Every Frontline client has a dedicated customer advocate, while pro subscribers have an additional dedicated analyst who operates as an extension of their team.

With a NPS score of 75 and a customer satisfaction score of 90, it’s plain to see customers value this level of support.


  • TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor
  • SC Media 5-Star Review
  • 5-Star CRN Partner Program Rating
  • Cybercrime Magazine Hot 150
  • 2020 HIRE Vets Platinum Medallion Award


“The Digital Defense Team is literally top-notch. I consider them a partner, not a vendor or service provider. Scheduled scanning, scheduled reporting, and the ability to set-and-forget special scans are incredible functionality. The reports themselves are clean and straightforward. Everyone says, “Less is more.” Digital Defense reports have actually
achieved that balance between streamlined and effective.”
– IT Director for Credit Union

“Great Customer Service. Easy to use. Intuitive interface. Frontline Security GPA® scoring system makes it easy to translate to management.”
– Information Security Analyst for a Large Banking Institution


Digital Defense’s innovative and leading-edge technology helps organizations across numerous industries safeguard sensitive data and eases the burdens associated with
information security. Digital Defense’s suite of products for vulnerability management and threat assessment provides cutting-edge technology that aids organizations by easing
the burdens associated with information security, while safeguarding sensitive data. Their selection of vulnerability management and threat assessment products is are highly regarded by industry experts and has have received numerous industry accolades.
Digital Defense has been helping companies’ strengthen and streamline their cybersecurity for more than 20 years. |



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