Royal Ransomware is after the healthcare sector of the United States


Day to day a new ransomware emerges on the web giving us a feeling that the threat seems to be a never-ending saga and is going through evolution with time. Royal Ransomware is the latest file encrypting malware that is on the prowl and is, for now, encrypting only networks related to the healthcare sector of America.

Health Department issued a warning on this note and labeled it as a threat of high severity depending on the victims and ransom amount it is demanding and has gained from its victim, so far.

On an average, Royal Malware is seen demanding anything around $250,000 to $4m and solely depends on the data it has siphoned from its victims.

 Highlight of this new malware is that it is consisting experienced members from other gangs such as RYUK who appear to be working freelance for this group.

Besides double extortion, they said a gang of cyber criminals is threatening to wipe off the entire encrypted data from the servers if the victim fails to pay the ransom in time.

Obviously, the healthcare sector info has the highest demand on the dark web and so the hackers’ group might be interested in siphoning the info, as it proves profitable in either case.

NOTE– Ransomware is a kind of software that encrypts data on a database until a ransom is paid to hackers in cryptocurrency, like Bitcoins. With time, those indulged in this business of spreading malware or inducted malware into business have become sophisticated and introduced new malware having the potential to wipe information from the victimized database or steal it and sell it on the dark web, at a later stage.


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