GermanWiper Ransomware attack warning for Germany  

Ransomware attack reports are in that a new variant of ransomware is targeting companies operating in Germany. Dubbed as GermanWiper the ransomware tends to have the ability to replace the infected files with zeroes and ones, thus destroying the ability to recover the files with decryption keys after a ransom payment or by any other […]

Ransomware attack forces Louisiana Governor to declare an emergency

Ransomware attack has forced Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards to declare emergency after three school districts in the region were hit by a ransomware attack early this week. The names of the school districts are Ouachita, Morehouse and Sabin and sources confirm that the digital files about the three schools remain encrypted and remain inaccessible […]

Ransomware attack on the British Police Federation

The Police Federation of England and Wales has released an official statement today that their database was hit by ransomware on March 9th this year which impacted several servers including the email systems of the company. News is out that the malware attack took place on the IT Infrastructure of the federation’s Surrey Headquarters which […]

All about Yatron Ransomware using EternalBlue NSA Exploit

Ransomware news is out that a new kind of Ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) variant is on the prowl on the dark web which is spreading widely by using the EternalBlue NSA exploits. Dubbed as ‘Yatron Ransomware’ the said malware is being promoted on Twitter by its creator. And a security researcher with the name ‘The Shadow’ was […]

Google Trending news related to Cyber Attacks

1.) From now on, the government of Maryland has decided to draw stringent penalties against ransomware developers and spreaders with state lawmakers already planning to transform the bill into law by March second week this year. Thus,  those convicted of ransomware crimes may face tougher penalties in coming weeks which include those who plotted ransomware […]

Cyber Attack news currently trending on Google

1.) Instagram has tweeted yesterday that it was aware of a bug that could have caused the drain out of millions of followers from its celebrity profiles which includes some big names such as Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and such… The photo-sharing website is currently working on the […]

Ransomware attack sends Sammamish City into Emergency

Sammamish, a city in Washington, United States has declared an emergency as soon as the city’s interim manager was informed that the digital assets of the Council were targeted by a ransomware attack. In a statement released a few hours ago, City Manager Larry Patterson confirmed the news and added that a third party security […]

Canada’s Coast Capital Savings becomes a victim of Cyber Attack

Surrey-based Coast Capital Savings was subjected to a cyber attack recently and news is out that the hackers managed to siphon thousands of dollars from accounts of more than 140 members in between November and December last year. Though the total amount stolen is yet to be known, highly placed sources say that each member […]

The biggest data breaches of all times till date

All these days Cybersecurity Insiders has reported to its reader’s info about the news of cyber attacks and the top data breaches which happened in the current year. But on the last day of this year, it would like to bring to your notice a list of the largest reported data breaches of USA in […]

RYUK ransomware disrupts US Newspaper distribution

RYUK ransomware is said to have disrupted the US Newspaper distribution from California and Florida on Saturday last week. Thus, the cyber attack which appeared to have originated outside the United States is said to have led to a 4-hour delay in the distribution of news editions related to Times, the Tribune, the Sun and […]

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