Interesting as Cyber Attack victim sues hackers parents

In January 2018, a man named Andrew Schober was busy moving $800k worth currency in Bitcoins from one virtual wallet to other. However, he failed in doing so, as some hackers tried to intercept the transaction and somehow diverted the funds to their personal wallets. Andrew contacted the wallet companies to track down the culprits, […]

Anonymous hacking group to target Elon Musk Tesla

Anonymous, an international hacking group having a history of hacking Financial firm PayPal has issued a warning that Tesla Chief Elon Musk will have to face serious digital consequences if he doesn’t mend his ways on Twitter.   Last week, Musk disclosed his mind about Cryptocurrencies on his Twitter page and went to an extent […]

Some details of hacker who stole $4 billion bitcoins from Silk Road Blackmarket

A hacker named Raymond Ngan, aged 49, was arrested by the federal authorities in November 2020 and named as ‘Individual X’ who stole bitcoins worth $4 billion from Silk Road Marketplace between 2012 -2013. Although, there is no concrete evidence that the arrested guy is the same person who indulged in the heist some years […]

Bitcoin transactions lead to interconnect ransomware affiliates

A scenario where software is being distributed as a service is being witnessed in the business of ransomware distribution these days. And to understand the concept from the roots, here’s a bit of intro to the subject. Normally, a software is developed by a coder who then offers the product to be sold to affiliates […]

Government Data of 10 years gets encrypted by Ransomware in Argentina

According to a press release made by Alicia Banuelos, the Science and Technology Minister of Argentina it’s confirmed that the vital files about the government were encrypted by a ransomware attack which took place on November 25th,2019.   Ms. Alicia said that the data was stored on a server farm which usually houses local government […]

North Korea launches Cyber Attacks on Bitcoin exchanges to fund sanctions

A recent report released by United Nations says that North Korea is trying to come out of the repercussions of sanctions by launching cyberattacks on Bitcoin exchanges and those buying them. Therefore, the Kim Jong Un nation is said to have launched over 17 attacks on companies operating in over 35 countries and more such […]

Hackers steal 7000 BTC from Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange

A cyber attack launched by hackers on the servers of Cryptocurrency Exchange services provider ‘Binance’ is said to have resulted in the theft of over 7000 Bitcoins worth more than $43.8 million. The said Chinese company which now moved its IT infrastructure to Japan says that the attack took place when hackers gained access to […]

Blockchain technology to help NASA curb Cyber Attacks on Airport control stations

All these days, we have seen Blockchain Technology helping financial business streams such as Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies trading. Pretty soon, we will see NASA using them to curb cyber attacks on Airport control stations – provided the research goes positive. Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the US space agency will be taking the help […]

Ransomware news for the day

1.) The computer network of Bridgeport schools was hit by ransomware on Friday which took hostage of some critical files related to the curriculum and attendance of the students. It’s said that the hackers are demanding a ransom in exchange for the decryption key. However, the IT staff are looking for alternatives to recover back […]

Israel based company offers a Blockchain powered smartphone with utmost Mobile Security

Sirin Labs, an Israel based company has launched the world’s first block chain powered smartphone named ‘Finney’ which happens to offer utmost mobile security. The Tel-Aviv based cybersecurity company says that the product is being offered with an embedded cold storage wallet to protect private blockchain keys, a multi-layered cybersecurity suite and innovative crypto- payment […]

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