California Hospital data breach crisis deepens

UC San Diego Health, a California based healthcare service provider, reportedly suffered a data breach early this year, and it notified the 450,000 victims from September 7th, 2021. Going further, the details of the security incident was made public by the health services provider in July this year in which it stated that it became […]

Ransomware attack on California Department of Motor Vehicles

A Ransomware attack on California DMV- Department of Motor Vehicles is reported to have leaked data related to millions of customers. To be specific, the attack took place on the third party supplier called Automatic Funds Transfer services (AFS) a service that looks into the verification process of motor registration addresses related to the motor […]

California City of Torrance hit by Ransomware demanding 100 BTC

City of Torrance, based in the metropolitan area of California was reported to have been hit by a ransomware attack launched by DopplePaymer gang on March 1st,2020. And reports are now in that since the authorities failed to pay the demanded ransom of 100 Bitcoins($698,000) the hackers have revealed around 200 GB of data online […]

California not to extend its digital law after Jan 1st, 2020

California’s Attorney General has clearly specified in its latest statement that the state is not planning to extend the timeline for the digital law compliance after January 1st, 2020. Fundamentally, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) authorizes online service users to put a request to companies like e-commerce websites and social media to delete their […]

Ransomware Attack on 400 California Veterinary hospitals

A ransomware attack launched on the database of the California National Veterinary Associates(NVA) is said to have impacted more than 700 veterinary hospital networks and animal boarding facilities in United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Highly placed sources say that NVA came to know about the cyber incident on Oct 27th this year when […]

Ransomware attack leads to shutting down of California based healthcare service provider

Can you believe that a ransomware attack on a healthcare provider has forced it to shut down its services by this year-end..? If not, here’s a news share that will enlighten your minds on the potential of a malware attack which has led to the closure of California based Wood Ranch Medical(WRM) services provider. Going […]

California passes a bill to ban traditional passwords

California has just passed a resolution to ban all traditional passwords such as 12345 or password from 2020. The Information Privacy: Connected Devices Bill (SB-327) which was passed last week says that companies which manufacture internet-connected devices such as routers, webcams, CCTV cameras will be strictly prohibited from using weak passwords on their devices from […]

Ransomware attack on California healthcare center breaches data of 85k patients

California based Center for Orthopedic Specialists (COS) has made it official that its database was targeted by hackers on a recent note leading to a data breach of 85,000 patients.  Going into the details on a further note it is said that hackers launched a ransomware attack on a third party service provider who was […]

Know how California is protecting its critical infrastructure from cyber attacks

California is protecting its critical infrastructure like power grids and public utility websites with the help of a cyber information sharing program. So, far the program which is also known as California Energy System(CES) program for the 21st century has been productive and collaborative. Furthermore, the research and development in this arena have changed the […]

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