The management of day-to-day cloud security operations presents a multifaceted challenge for organizations, requiring a delicate balance between technological, procedural, and human factors. Multi-cloud environments significantly increase the complexity and challenges of managing and securing cloud workloads. To effectively address these challenges, organizations should leverage integrated security solutions that offer visibility and control across multi-cloud […]

Ransomware attacks can be blocked with these firewall best practices

As ransomware attacks are hitting the news headlines, CIOs and CTOs are in a lookout for a permanent solution to curb such attacks on their IT infrastructure respectively. So, security analysts are suggesting the following firewall best practices to prevent file-encrypting malware attacks from infiltrating a network laterally. And they are as follows-   Cut […]

Major metro cuts firewall spend!

This post was originally published by Nat Kausik. This city in North America, a hub for financial services, is in the midst of their digital transformation to the cloud.  With apps and data moving to the cloud, users could access sensitive data from any device, anywhere. The incumbent firewall vendor pushed hard for the city […]

YES! Encrypted Traffic Can (and Must) Be Classified

Encryption Trends Why is Traffic Encryption on the Rise? Everywhere you look, the use of encryption is rising: on the Internet, in public and private Clouds, within enterprises, and across personal devices. One driver of this trend is the global demand for better protection of personal privacy on the Internet. It is a demand that […]

Time to Firewall Zero?

This post was originally published here by  Rich Campagna. Firewalls have been a stalwart of enterprise network security since the late 1980’s. The technology has evolved considerably in the ensuing decades, though the basic premise has remained the same – create a barrier or safeguard between internal networks and external networks. The term “network” is the […]

Top 3 Myths about Ransomware- debunked!

UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and the National Crime Agency on a joint note have lined out the top 3 myths about ransomware which are prevailing in the cyber space world. And the debunked myths are as follows- Myth 1- Backup of data is enough to recoup all your stolen data- First CIO’s need to […]

Microsoft strengthens Azure Cloud Security with Web Application Firewall

Microsoft has decided to strengthen cloud security on Azure platform with a new Web Application firewall. Thus, this step will from now on make it arduous for cyber attackers to target web applications hosted on Azure Cloud computing platform. Azure Web Application Firewall, which is a component of Azure Application Gateway is now available in […]

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