Malware threat alert for websites hosted on GoDaddy

Security researchers from The WordFence Incident Response team have issued a malware threat alert to websites hosted on the GoDaddy Managed Hosting service. The alert issued by the WordPress security analysis team is about a backdoor malware that has infected sites since March 11th of this year. Of the 298 websites detected with the malware, […]

GoDaddy data breach could lead to Phishing Attacks

GoDaddy has made it official that a data breach has occurred on its database in September this year leaking email addresses to hackers that could lead to phishing attacks in the future. Interestingly, hackers reportedly gained access to the domain registrar provider’s servers in September this year. But the unauthorized access could only be detected […]

GoDaddy offers website owners security protection on World Password Day

If anyone wants their online activity to be secure and private, password usage helps them in doing so; as it blocks unauthorized access to a service and access to personal information. For website business, the owners of these web portals have 2 primary concerns- one is to protect their sensitive consumer and business data and […]

GoDaddy suffers a Cyber Attack affecting 19 million customers

GoDaddy, a web hosting and domain registrar services provider has made it official that it became a victim of a cyber attack on October 19th,2019 which went undetected until April 27th,2020 when the IT staff noticed some disruptions in the operations of some of their servers. Prima Facie revealed that attack was launched to steal […]

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