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First is the news related to China. However, this time it’s different and is interesting. To go on with, all these days we have N number of stories about Chinese hackers infiltrating networks across the world. But the current news piece is related to a new hacking group that has been assigned the duty to target government servers of the Xi Jinping led nation.

Comprising members from Europe and North America, mainly programmers and network engineers from Poland, France, Switzerland and Canada; the Against the West (ATW) group has so far stolen sensitive information, including source code and employee details from over 100 government agencies of China. And the list of victims seems to continue in the coming days, as per the report published by Qi An Pangu Lab.

Currently, information published by Global Times suggests that the intelligence gathering campaign is taking place since 2021 and will intensify into a large-scale network scan detection and supply chain attacks on Chinese networks in the coming days.

Second is the news related to the processor manufacturing company named Applied Materials. As per the details offered to press, the semiconductor industry that suffered a ransomware attack last year would incur a loss of $250 million in the next quarter.  

Going deep into the details, technology firm MKS Instruments suffered a malware attack last month and because of this network intrusion and data cum business continuity loss, Applied Materials can suffer a monetary loss by mid this year, say experts. These are just estimates and the eventual results might vary.

Third is the news related to GoDaddy, a globally recognized web services provider. According to the press update provided by the firm, hackers gained access into its server network and installed malware and stole classified information, including source code. And the intrusion happened almost 3 years ago and was still continuing till early this year, or till it was detected and blocked.

Charles Beadnall, the CTO of GoDaddy, acknowledged the news and gave a hint that a technology partner serving the company handled this cyber incident and ensured that all possibilities are being considered mitigating the risks and cybersecurity measures to prevent such issues have already put in place.

Go Daddy, that servers about 21 million entrepreneurs and offers 84 million web domains to its customers has approached a forensic firm and law enforcement to block the intentions of hackers to run phishing malware distribution and other malicious campaigns.


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