How to Contribute Content

We are always looking for excellent writers for Cybersecurity Insiders.

A blog post on Cybersecurity Insiders has the opportunity to get wide exposure to hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity professionals.

What Can You Write About?

Here are some of the categories we are looking to add content for:

  • Technical –  These articles should include detailed instructions, how-to’s, tutorials and getting started or guides to a specific security technology, framework or concept.
  • Career – All kinds of security career topics that would appeal to: employees, managers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and students.
  • Events – Post your upcoming events and webinars to raise awareness with the infosec community.
  • Marketing Yourself – Blogging, personal branding, speaking, networking, using social networks, podcasting. These articles should teach how to sell themselves to others, either through their current position or as a freelancer and/or entrepreneur.
  • Productivity – System, hacks, learning, etc. These articles should give IT security professionals the tools to accelerate their processes and put their best work (and selves) out to the world.
  • Products – Software, hardware, services, gadgets, reviews, recommendations. These articles should include detailed specifications and information that will advise our readers all the good, bad, and ugly about the product.

The Submission and Editing Process

We are looking for high-quality content to share with the Cybersecurity Insiders audience. That should be the most important thing you are considering when submitting an article or guest post idea. We have a team of editors and content strategists that will work with you from your initial submission to the final publishing of your piece.

This means that we may decline submissions that are either not a good fit for the site or in need of some improvement. That does not mean you can never submit again, even if it is an updated draft. After your article is approved, the publishing process can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks from your initial submission, and will involve your active participation in rewrites and revisions.

While we do not currently pay for guest posts on the site, we do include an opportunity for you to promote your own site and work in the article. That means a linkback, your own bio to market your wares, an audience of hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity professionals for your content, and potential for future posts and opportunities to contribute to the community.

How To Submit an Article

To submit an article idea or apply to be a writer on Cybersecurity Insiders, please send over your concept or article to and we’ll be in touch to see about getting you published on the site! If you have any questions, you can email us.

Looking forward to your awesome content!