2024 Cloud Security Report [Check Point]

With businesses increasingly reliant on cloud technologies, the security of cloud platforms has escalated into a significant concern that highlights their potential and susceptibility. Traditional security measures often fall short in addressing the dynamic and sophisticated nature of threats faced in cloud settings, making it imperative to shift from a reactive to a preventative stance in security strategies.

This 2024 Cloud Security Report uncovers the pressing concerns and evolving priorities in cloud security. By gathering insights from over 800 cloud and cybersecurity professionals, the survey explores the current state of cloud security, the effectiveness of existing security measures, and the adoption of advanced security solutions, providing a comprehensive view of the challenges and advancements in this critical area.

Key Survey Findings Include:

• Escalating Security Incidents: Cloud security incidents are alarmingly on the rise, with 61% of organizations reporting breaches within the last year, marking a significant increase from 24% the year before. This trend underscores the escalating risk landscape in cloud environments.

• Evolving Breach Types: Data security breaches have emerged as the most common cloud security incident, reported by 21% of organizations. This shift highlights the evolving nature of threats and the critical need to safeguard sensitive data.

• Addressing Zero-Day Threats: Navigating zero-day threats remains a top concern, with 91% of respondents worried about their systems’ ability to handle such unknown risks. The survey underscores the need for predictive and immediate defense mechanisms against these sophisticated attacks.

• Shifting Security Focus: Despite the rise in incidents, only 21% of organizations prioritize preventive measures aimed at halting attacks before they occur. This indicates a significant prevention gap in current cloud security strategies.

• Accelerating CNAPP Adoption: The adoption of Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP) is growing, with 25% of organizations having already implemented CNAPP solutions. This trend reflects a strategic move towards integrating comprehensive security measures that combine prevention, detection, and response capabilities.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. for their invaluable contribution to this survey. Their expertise and support have been instrumental in shedding light on the complexities and necessities of modern cloud security.

We hope that the insights derived from this survey will serve as a vital resource for organizations working to enhance the security of your cloud environments.

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