2024 Cloud Security Report [ISC2]

In an era where cloud computing has become the backbone of IT infrastructure, cybersecurity professionals and organizations face a continuously evolving threat landscape. These challenges are diverse, encompassing everything from securing multi-cloud environments and ensuring data protection to mitigating cloud-specific vulnerabilities. But they also highlight a pronounced skills gap in the cybersecurity workforce. As the complexity of cloud ecosystems expands, so does the need for advanced, cloud-centric cybersecurity strategies and skills.

Against this backdrop, the 2024 Cloud Security Report, developed in partnership with ISC2 — a cybersecurity training and certification leader — provides an in-depth analysis of current cloud security trends, challenges, and organizational responses.
Key findings include:

• Cloud Concerns: 96% of organizations express apprehension about public cloud security, a clear indicator of the pervasive concern over cloud vulnerabilities.

• Multi-Cloud Challenges: Securing multi-cloud environments is identified as a primary challenge by 55% of respondents, emphasizing the critical need for skills in data protection and seamless cloud integration.

• Simplification Strategy: The survey underscores the need to reduce security solution complexity, with 69% of organizations depending on three or more separate security solutions to manage their cloud security.

• Barriers to Adoption: Key obstacles in cloud security adoption include budget constraints (48%), a lack of skilled staff (45%), and data privacy concerns (40%), highlighting the indispensable role of targeted training and certification.

• Skills Gap: The report underscores a significant cybersecurity skills gap, with 93% of participants concerned about the shortage of qualified professionals in the field.

We sincerely thank ISC2 for their support and partnership in this important research. Their dedication to fostering a highly skilled cybersecurity workforce through top-tier training and certification programs is crucial in addressing the sophisticated security challenges presented by modern cloud computing.

We hope that the insights and data presented in this report will prove valuable to cybersecurity professionals as you strive to protect your cloud environments against evolving threats.

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