Poland drops Gene Project over Chinese Data Security concerns

Poland has taken a stringent decision by dropping a Chinese firm from leading its gene mapping project, and this news piece was published in renowned US news resource Reuters. When sources from Cybersecurity Insiders tried to dig into the facts, all that was reported was confirmed to be a fact to a certain extent. Going […]

China passes new automobile data security law

China has made some amendments to the existing laws and passed a new document that discloses several provisions on how automobile companies need to collect their user data as per the stated stipulations. According to a media update released by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) the new law called the Personal Information Protection Law(PIPL) […]

Top Telecom Companies in the world digitally compromised by China

According to a report released by US Security firm Cybereason Inc, some of the top telecom companies in the world were digitally compromised by hackers sponsored by China stealing info, such as phone data and location information of telecom service users, respectively. Going deep into the details, Lior Div, the CEO of Cybereason confirmed the […]

China blamed for Ransomware attacks on Microsoft Exchange Servers

United States, NATO Member Countries and European Union has issued a joint statement early today accusing China for the ransomware attacks that targeted Microsoft Exchange Servers across the world and crippling computer networks of several companies. Point to be noted over here that this is for the first time that all the renowned countries of […]

China using AI to develop robots that can hide in sea launch bombs and cyber attacks

China is once again in the news for misusing the technology of Artificial Intelligence. Earlier, it was using AI tech to analyze loads of videos that were grabbed from the CCTV cameras installed across some of its major cities. The plan was to use machine learning tools and learn about the citizen activities taking place […]

Data flow vs. data security dilemma for China Didi

Because of fresh allegations and a criminal probe, Chinese ride sharing app ‘Didi’ has been asked by Chinese Ministry to stop adding new users and has asked app sharing platforms to delete the app as it was not complying with the data storage and security laws that existed in Republic of China. The Xi Jinping […]

US is forcing companies to install backdoors says China

For the first time in the past two years, the Ministry of China has disclosed that US is posing as a cyber threat to entities operating on its soil and has added that the Biden led nation is forcing companies to install backdoors to get user data- a clear cut violation of data privacy rules […]

China new data security law twists arms of Tech giants

China has established a new set of guidelines for tech companies that are dealing with data for business purposes. But the laws are applicable more to the native companies operating in the Republic of China than those operating on foreign shores.   The new Data Security law specifically hits companies that mishandle core state data […]

Chinese Cyber Threat to Indian Defense and Telecom Sector

Recorded Future that offers Enterprise Security Intelligence to American companies has revealed that there has been a persistent cyber threat to Indian Defense and Telecom sector from Chinese Military Intelligence since 2014. This news was disclosed to the world in a media update released by Insikt Group, the business unit of Recorded Future. And the […]

Chinese Military launches Cyber Attacks on Japanese Research firms

NHK, a Japan-based news resource, has published that a cyber attack launched by a hacking group linked to Chinese military targeted nearly 200 research firms and institutions from Japan. The report includes the fact that China was taking servers on rent in Japan in the name of IT development and was indulging in disruption tactics […]

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