China to discard 50 million computers because of software security concerns from US tech war

China has set a deadline to discard over 50 million computers operating in its government agencies because of software security concerns emerging from the US Tech war. As per the sources reporting to our cybersecurity insiders, Beijing has issued a public notice of all its governing bodies to upgrade their hardware and software within the […]

China stealing intellectual data from Europe and North America

Chinese hacking group named ‘Winnti’ has been reportedly stealing intellectual data such as patents, copyrights, source codes, and other classified information from companies operating in Europe and North America. APT41 cyberespionage group dubbed Winnti Malware is a sophisticated group of hackers that has been conducting espionage on companies operating in East Asia, Western Europe, and […]

China uses AI to boost surveillance and Disney firm is helping it

China seems to have intensified its surveillance capabilities on its citizens by deploying the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to upgrade its surveillance tools. According to a document released by Reuters, China is now using a new AI software, known as “One software, One file” to enhance its monitoring capabilities on citizens. Earlier, the data […]

China takes control of 6 government networks in the United States

A Cybersecurity firm named Mandiant has discovered that China state-funded hackers took control of 6 government networks in the United States through Log4Shell vulnerability and the list is said to get extended as they reveal more analysis results in coming weeks. APT41, has a history of breaching several government networks, made its way to the […]

China to compete with Intel and AMD by offering Silicon Processors

China is all set to manufacture its own silicon processors and will start competing with companies such as Intel and AMD. The trade trick that it will use to lure customers is simple- offer the software, related hardware and the processors at half the cost that AMD and Intel are offering. Beijing will not restrict […]

China to spy through satellites over internet

Tesla company owner Elon Musk announced last year that his SpaceX Starlink internet service will reach to the remote places on continents like Africa and Asia providing connectivity to the people in rural areas who lack at least the basic communication services. China is all set to follow the same path as it has applied […]

Beijing Winter Olympics MY2022 mobile app filled with security vulnerabilities

Winter Olympics 2022 that are scheduled to be held in Beijing from next month i.e. in between February 4th to February 22nd, 2022 is in news for wrong reasons. The MY2022 app that needs to be installed by all the participants attending the event is reported to be filled with several security vulnerabilities, allowing hackers […]

China Data Security Law bars online companies with 1 million users

China has made a new amendment to its data security law that will bar companies with over 1 million users from publicly listing themselves on foreign soil-if they do not pass all the acts in the Cybersecurity review law In simple words, online companies that have over one million users should go through a data […]

Data mining of Facebook and Twitter posts by China

China is reportedly mining data from users of Facebook and Twitter and the plan is to feed its military with all useful information sieved from the tonnes of data using different AI based machine learning tools. Currently, the focus is majorly on America and UK and will slowly be shifted to Indian users if all […]

Microsoft shuts down 42 cyber spying Chinese websites

Microsoft has shut down 42 websites that were related to Chinese intelligence and were indulging in espionage and intelligence gathering. The tech giant has made it official that the websites that were pulled down were found targeting politicians, think tanks, individuals linked to human right organizations from US and across the world. The Satya Nadella […]

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