Tesla wins data security concerns in China

Tesla Inc, the pioneering electric car manufacturer with aspirations in automated driving technology, has triumphed in gaining approval from China, overcoming previous concerns about data security. Several years ago, the Chinese government imposed a ban on the sale of Tesla vehicles within its borders due to fears of excessive data collection from users. However, the […]

Data Security concerns make US Cloud Companies impose ban on China AI Training

The Biden Administration, responding to requests from various think tanks, has implemented a ban on the utilization of resources from U.S. Cloud Companies by China for AI training purposes. This mirrors a similar move made by China under the leadership of Xi Jinping since October 2023. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo issued a formal statement, underscoring […]

Headlines on Trending Cyber Attacks from Google News

Global Sanctions Imposed on Russian-Linked REVIL Ransomware Operator Governments of Australia, UK, and the United States have jointly sanctioned Alexander Gennadievich, a hacker associated with the Russian-linked REVIL Ransomware group. Gennadievich’s involvement in the Medibank data breach has raised international concerns, as he pilfered and distributed sensitive data, including names, email addresses, contact details, passport […]

China stealing AI feed data from America for Spying

As per a report featured in the Wall Street Journal, there has been a notable surge in China’s illicit acquisition of extensive datasets designated for training Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in the United States. The apparent objective behind this activity is to conduct mass surveillance on millions of Americans by constructing detailed profiles based on […]

China to lock down GPS data for security concerns

In contemporary times, it has become commonplace for applications to request user permission to access their geographical location. Some apps seek access only during use, while others request continuous access. China has recently taken a stringent approach towards applications seeking Global Positioning System (GPS) access. Concerned about the potential leakage of sensitive information to foreign […]

China’s Move Towards Automated Data Security Compliance

In an era marked by persistent insider threats, espionage activities, malicious software attacks, and escalating cyberwarfare, China is contemplating a gradual shift towards replacing human oversight with cutting-edge technology to enforce critical data security regulations. Under the banner of national security, the government, led by President Xi Jinping, is poised to develop specialized machines tasked […]

Tesla internet connected cars to be banned in China for Data Security concerns

Tesla vehicle owners in China are facing a concerning situation as the looming ban on foreign electric vehicles from the company comes into effect. The issue ignited when an airport in a prominent southern city enacted a ban on parking Tesla electric cars on its premises due to concerns over data security. The response from […]

British pregnant women are unwittingly handing over their Genetic data to China

Recent reports have revealed a shocking truth about the inadvertent sharing of prenatal NIFTY blood test data by thousands of pregnant British women with a Chinese company called BGI Group. This company, allegedly affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army, has raised concerns among Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom, prompting calls for a swift […]

Empire of Hackers launched by CIA targets China

It is concerning to hear about the allegations and warnings issued by China’s National Computer Virus Emergency Response Centre (CVERC) regarding the CIA’s involvement in cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure and the use of the “Empire of Hackers” group for orchestrating Peaceful Evolutions and Color Revolutions against governments across the globe. If these allegations are true, […]

China has 50 hackers against each FBI Cyber Warrior

The FBI Director disclosed to the Congressional Committee that China has assigned around 50 hackers against each bureau’s Cyber Warriors, thus opening-up  about the threats it was facing from the adversary. Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI, spoke to senior executives at the House Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee on Commerce Justice, Science and Related Agencies, […]

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