China spies on the UK populace with microchips

Britain populace should start being cautious with smart appliances as security analysts suggest that china might have started a spying campaign on them via domestic appliances. Yes, what you’ve read is right! There is a fair amount of chance that Beijing might have weaponized millions of gadgets operating in the household of Britons through microchips. […]

China sets SIM based tracking devices in UK Government cars

Surveillance is prevailing at its peak in China as it keeps a track of every move made by its populace in its provinces. But can you believe that the Xi Jinping-led nation also monitors senior politicians of Britain through a sim card? Yes, what you have read is right! As politicians leading UK Parliament have […]

US Semiconductor ban to China triggers AI Concerns

United States has stopped semiconductor exports to China as it wanted to halt the development of AI projects in the Xi Jinping led nation. But trade analysts suggest the move could trigger major concerns and could backfire by putting a permanent dent to the GDP of America. Speaking the same at the Bloomberg’s New Economy […]

China is targeting smaller nations with Cyber Attacks

Microsoft released its Digital Defense Report of 2022, in which it clearly specified that China was targeting smaller nations with intense digital attacks to gather intelligence via cyber espionage. Its actual aim behind this activity is to internationally strengthen the nation’s stand both economically and to attain an utmost position in military influence. Most of […]

USA blacklists two more Chinese Telecom firms for data security concerns

In the year 2018, Donald Trump, the then US President, issued an executive order to block Huawei, as the company’s activities on the American soil were deemed to be suspicious and posed as a threat to National Security. Now, during the regime of Joe Biden as the President, the white house based on the recommendation […]

US NSA hacks Chinese Aviation University

For the first time in the history of cyber attacks, a China-based university serving Aviation industry has accused the United States National Security Agency (NSA) for hacking into its servers to steal intelligence related to aviation, aerospace and navigation study material. According to ‘The Global Times’, Northwestern Polytechnical University based in Shaanxi Province of China […]

Now Russia and China companies face data breaches

Russian streaming platform ‘START’ has admitted that a portion of data from its 2021 database was stolen by hackers, who are now distributing some samples to affirm their claims. START has acknowledged the cyber attack that could have led to the leak of info such as email ids, usernames and phone numbers. The only good […]

China was spying on Australian defense servers for months

In what seems to be a startling revelation made by Cybersecurity firm Proofpoint, China has been conducting espionage on Australian defense and energy servers for months, thus stealing intelligence and spying on the activities conducted by the officials. It was a well-planned attack conducted by a hacking group named Red Ladon, say experts from the […]

Is banning Chinese products in the name of National Security working for countries

Donald Trump, during his regime as President of America, imposed a ban on the use of Huawei and Dahua products across the states as the two companies are alleged to be conducting corporate espionage to steal intellectual property. And western countries like Australia, the UK, Canada, and Europe followed the same. But is this ban […]

China to indulge in data security assessment for cross border data transfers

The Cyberspace Administration of China has implemented security assessments for all data transfers that are taking place across borders. That means, any data that is being transmitted to foreign servers, irrespective of the reason, will be analyzed and then permitted to other borders. The measures were outlined by the CAC regarding the China’s Personal Information […]

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