China’s Move Towards Automated Data Security Compliance

In an era marked by persistent insider threats, espionage activities, malicious software attacks, and escalating cyberwarfare, China is contemplating a gradual shift towards replacing human oversight with cutting-edge technology to enforce critical data security regulations. Under the banner of national security, the government, led by President Xi Jinping, is poised to develop specialized machines tasked […]

Tesla internet connected cars to be banned in China for Data Security concerns

Tesla vehicle owners in China are facing a concerning situation as the looming ban on foreign electric vehicles from the company comes into effect. The issue ignited when an airport in a prominent southern city enacted a ban on parking Tesla electric cars on its premises due to concerns over data security. The response from […]

British pregnant women are unwittingly handing over their Genetic data to China

Recent reports have revealed a shocking truth about the inadvertent sharing of prenatal NIFTY blood test data by thousands of pregnant British women with a Chinese company called BGI Group. This company, allegedly affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army, has raised concerns among Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom, prompting calls for a swift […]

Empire of Hackers launched by CIA targets China

It is concerning to hear about the allegations and warnings issued by China’s National Computer Virus Emergency Response Centre (CVERC) regarding the CIA’s involvement in cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure and the use of the “Empire of Hackers” group for orchestrating Peaceful Evolutions and Color Revolutions against governments across the globe. If these allegations are true, […]

China has 50 hackers against each FBI Cyber Warrior

The FBI Director disclosed to the Congressional Committee that China has assigned around 50 hackers against each bureau’s Cyber Warriors, thus opening-up  about the threats it was facing from the adversary. Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI, spoke to senior executives at the House Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee on Commerce Justice, Science and Related Agencies, […]

China asks Apple to bolster its data security and privacy protections

China has urged Apple CEO Tim Cook to bolster its products’ data security and privacy protections. While, most people in the United States believe that Apple offers iPhones and Macs with the utmost security, Zheng Shanjie, the Chairperson of the National Development and Reform Commission, met with Cook to discuss the issue of personal privacy […]

Russia and China intend to become world leaders in IT, Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence

The latest meeting that took place between two powerful leaders of the world has given the world the hint that both these leaders intend to rule the fields related to Information Technology, Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence in the near future. Yes, a joint statement released after the strategic meeting between Xi Jinping and Vladimir […]

AI being used for destruction by China

China is using Artificial Intelligence technology for destruction and the latest developments stand as the best example to explain it in deep. Beijing has started using an AI developed Warship design program that enables the technical guys draw a complex design of a warship in just 12-15 hours, unlike 16 months of hardship, seen without […]

China working on Microsoft OpenAI ChatGPT

Any priced item in the world, mostly electronics, gets duplicated in China and is thereafter sold as a cost-effective product. Meaning, those who cannot afford a branded good can get the Chinese product for half or quarter of the price. The same is also possible in the software world as almost 10 Chinese companies are […]

Belgium admits China hackers behind the attack on European Government MP  

Belgium government has made an official announcement that Beijing launched cyber-attacks on a prominent MP of the nation and tagged the activity as a “Crime against Humanity”. Samuel Cogolati is the MP who was targeted by spear phishing attack from Chinese state actor “APT31”, but the latter condemned the allegations as baseless. Coming to the […]

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