Exploitation of Artificial Intelligence AI technology to facilitate password theft

In recent times, hackers have traditionally targeted databases to initiate cyber attacks, aiming to pilfer critical credentials like account passwords. However, a recent study proposes a new angle: the exploitation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to facilitate password theft. A collaborative team of forensic experts, collaborating with scholars from esteemed institutions such as Durham, Surrey, […]

British government bans sharing of Passwords

Many UK citizens have the habit of sharing passwords of online services with friends & family members, especially those related to streaming services. However, from now on it will be treated as a criminal offense as per the latest law termed by UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO). Furthermore, using images without permission on social media […]

Russia stole the passwords of 50 million users

For the past seven to eight months, we have been constantly reading or listening to Russia’s negative involvement in cybersecurity. Now, the latest that has been published by Group-IB claims Moscow’s involvement in the password stealing of over 50 million users. Yes, according to a report compiled after analyzing over 34 telegram groups’ involvement in […]

Most popular passwords are 123456 and ILoveYou

Every year, NordPass makes it a point to release a report on the most popular passwords that are being used in the UK and as usual, it released a report even in this year as well. So, according to its annual ‘Most Common Passwords’ reports online users in United Kingdom are still using words like […]

Now Finger Heat can crack Passwords with the help of AI

Interesting, isn’t it….and it’s true! Hackers can use finger heat to crack passwords now -all with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology. And a group of researchers discovered this at the University of the Glasgow School of Computing Science in the UK. ‘ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security’ Journal has published some notes on the […]

Password characters that neutralize brute force attacks

According to a report released by Hive Systems, those who are using an 18 character long password will have maximum security of protecting their account. And those who use a 4-5 digit character password will have to let go of their account to hackers one day. Cyber Security firm Hive Systems states those who create […]

Apple asks to ‘Move beyond Password’

Apple Inc, the iPhone maker from America has decided to wage a war against the use of passwords by releasing a new tech for security authentication. Dubbed as PassKeys, the new tech will eliminate the need for users to remember passwords for online service usage.   Precisely speaking, the company is planning to replace the […]

More than 26m user passwords stolen from Amazon, Apple, and Facebook

A hacking malware distributed onto 3.25 million computers is said to have led to the harvesting of more than 26 million user credentials related to Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.    According to research carried out by a Cybersecurity firm named NordLocker, a hacking group devised malware and distributed it onto millions of PCs in 2018. […]

Passwords that have been hacked over 500,000 times

Media has been trying its best to create awareness among online users about the need to go for passwords that are difficult to guess or hack. Despite that, most users are seen indulging in a pursuit of using the same password on multiple platforms and that too which is easy to guess for hackers through […]

India Paytm Mall suffers data breach leaking passwords

Indian online retailer Paytm Mall, that according to Indian Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is a platform crafted as “Pay to Modi”(A financial platform developed to pay to Indian Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi) is in news for all wrong reasons. A Cybersecurity firm named Cyble says that the Vijay Shekar Sharma led company suffered a […]

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