Phishing attack

North Korea hackers sending Corona Vaccine related phishing emails

The relationship between North Korea and South Korea is not on good terms for the past few years and that’s probably because of the notorious mind and actions of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Fresh reports are in that a hacking group possibly funded by North Korea Intelligence has been strategically targeting South Korean citizens […]

Facebook files lawsuit against Phishing Attack

Meta, the Facebook’s parent company, has filed a lawsuit in a Californian court against some hackers who created over 39,000 fake Facebook(FB) pages as a part of a sophisticated phishing campaign. The plan was to create impersonating pages and lure FB users into submitting their login credentials that can later be used for issues such […]

Get ready for a Cyber Cold War in 2020

A recent study made by Cybersecurity firm Checkpoint says that the year 2020 will witness a cyber cold war between the countries of the west and the east. This indicates that adversary nations of the United States such as Russia and China will form a coalition to develop technologies to show their valiance in the […]

Lancaster University hit by a Phishing attack

A phishing attack which took place on the database of Lancaster University is said to have offered hackers access to student data and this includes info related to applicants applying for the academic year 2019-20 like names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. Highly placed sources say that the attack was of sophisticated genre and […]

Phishing attack on the mobile version of Google Chrome users

All those using the mobile version of Google Chrome are hereby requested to make a note of a phishing scam which is taking place in the current cyber landscape. According to a recent media update given by developer Jim Fisher, hackers are seen using a mix of coding and screenshot techniques to trick chrome users […]

Cyber Attack on Wipro helps hackers launch advanced Phishing attacks

KrebsOnSecurity, a research source which operates against cybercrime and run by investigative reporter Brian Krebs has disclosed that a network breach at India’s IT outsourcing giant Wipro has targeted some of the company clients through advanced phishing attacks. News is out that some hackers managed to intercept the servers operating at the Bengaluru based Wipro […]

Cyber Attack news which is trending now on Google

1.) Dubai British School based in Jumeirah Park, Gulf claims that it became a victim to a cyber attack which compromised the email database of the educational institute for a few hours of time last week. But the British Educational Institute also added in its statement that all necessary action has been taken to preserve […]

Snapchat users fall prey to Phishing Cyber Attack

Snapchat has confirmed that some of its users have fallen prey to a phishing attack which resulted in the exposure of credentials of thousands of its users on a public website. However, the image messaging service offering company has assured that it will rectify the flaw and will release an update to educate its users […]

Dublin Zoo lost $700 million to Phishing Email Attack!

Dublin Zoo has confirmed on Wednesday that it has fallen victim to a phishing email attack that resulted in the loss of $700 million or £500,000 from the Zoo’s bank account. However, the organization said that it has reported the scam to the Gardai who have smartly investigated the matter within no time and succeeded […]

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