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IBM takes initiative to improve Ransomware Protection in Public Schools

IBM, the American Technology Company, has taken a cybersecurity initiative to improve Ransomware protection in public schools across the United States. The program will be funded solely by the said private entity at a cost of $5 million that will be distributed as a grant across K-12 schools operating throughout the United States. Aim is […]

How to turn on ransomware protection on Microsoft Windows 10

To all those Windows 10 Operating System (OS) users, here’s a piece of advice that will help in protecting your PC from ransomware. Microsoft has offered a 2-layer protection by default on all the systems running on Win 10 OS to help keep the file encrypting malware at bay. First is the regular malware scanning […]

Here’s how to turn ON the Ransomware Protection on Window 10

All these days Microsoft has been warning online users against certain online practices that might push individual or corporate networks into jeopardy. Now, the Satya Nadella led company has issued a fresh statement that says all Windows 10 users can keep their systems and networks safe and secure from ransomware attacks, just by following the […]

How to get ransomware protection on Mac devices

When it comes to cyber security, Mac devices offered by Apple Inc are having an excellent reputation in the PC market. But a recent study conducted by Cybersecurity firm Cisco Talos says that no OS platform is safe from hackers these days, especially from those spreading ransomware attacks to public and private networks. Fortunately, those […]

Dell EMC release ‘Cyber Attack’ protection software for Data Centers

Dell EMC has announced new ‘Cyber Attack’ Protection software for data centers. And the solution is said to offer an automated means for isolating and recover critical data as soon as an attack incident impacts a server network. This includes protection from ransomware and other destructive cyber threats. Dubbed as ‘Cyber Recovery’ the new software […]

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