Dell EMC release ‘Cyber Attack’ protection software for Data Centers

Dell EMC has announced new ‘Cyber Attack’ Protection software for data centers. And the solution is said to offer an automated means for isolating and recover critical data as soon as an attack incident impacts a server network. This includes protection from ransomware and other destructive cyber threats.

Dubbed as ‘Cyber Recovery’ the new software is said to have features such as Innovative automation, workflow detection mechanism, and security analytics tools to ensure protection to files hosting critical data.

Dell EMC has announced that their new software has the potential to integrate with the Dell EMC Data Domain to protect storage hardware and combines data isolation along with data continuity to minimize the impact of a cyber attack.

“As hackers are nowadays deliberating targeting storage and back up infrastructure, our product is said to protect data from malicious intrusions and sophisticated cyber incidents”, said Beth Phalen, Data Protection President, Dell EMC.

Mr. Phalen added that his company’s new product takes a layered approach to ensure true data protection is added to business critical data.

Companies operating in the financial stream, healthcare, energy industry, and education are reportedly known to be exposed to cyber threats.

Dell EMC’s latest Cyber Recovery software is said to address all the issues impacting the companies operating in the above-said industries with ease.

DELL EMC Cyber Recovery software is available right now through proper channel.

Note- The infographics compiled by Dell EMC on a recent note state that 61% of IT professionals have experienced a ransomware breach and its said that only 6 minutes time is needed for hackers to compromise over 60% of organizations operating around the world now that’s interesting….isn’t it?

Naveen Goud
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