Possible Cyber Attack on 911 of 4 American States

The 911 emergency services experienced a significant outage in four states—Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, and Nevada—sending shockwaves through the affected communities. Speculation points to a cyber attack orchestrated by Chinese intelligence, targeting all 50 states. However, only nine states were impacted, with four officially confirming the disruption. Iowa, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Florida are still […]

What is Tailgating in Cyber World

In the cyber world, “tailgating” refers to a deceptive social engineering technique used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to secure areas or systems. Also known as “piggybacking,” this tactic involves an individual without proper authorization following closely behind an authorized person to gain physical access to restricted areas or digital systems. Physical Tailgating: In […]

United States offers $5 million rewards for Information on Cyber Attacks launched by North Korea

For the past 3-4 years, North Korea has been funding Kim Jong’s Nuclear ambition by launching cyber attacks leading to data breaches, stealing cryptocurrencies from exchanges and individual wallets, selling illegal arms to internationally acclaimed criminals such as terrorists, and conducting money laundering crime. In order to put a full stop to all such crimes, […]

Thanksgiving and Black Friday were marred with several Cyber Bots related trade controversies

Have you bought a gift for this thanksgiving or black Friday at an exuberant price that you never expected? Then you could have fallen prey to a cyber attack propelled by Cyber Bots. Want to know more about this scam? Then just go through the article further to enlighten your mind. Many online scammers were […]

VOIP Services hit by DDoS attack

A Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) attack was launched on Canada-based VOIP services provided named, disrupting its phone calls and other of its web services. From the past few days, all those accessing the website were being invited with an Error 1020 or access denied message. To those uninitiated, the Quebec based web related service […]

Manual work is better than automated operations, suggests Kaseya Ransomware Attack

In this digital age, every company is interested in hiring new talent as it is more skilled to use the automated tools. Meaning those who are above 50 should either work for a very less pay or consider retirement…..isn’t it? But the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack that took place in May this year and the […]


This post was originally published by(ISC)² Management. Last year taught us a valuable lesson: Always be prepared for the unknown. In a cybersecurity context, fostering resilience requires thinking of all possible scenarios – even if they seem implausible – and seeking solutions that can really work. Read more here:

A Cyber Attack probability on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp cannot be ruled out

From the past few hours social networking platform Facebook and its messaging sharing subsidiary WhatsApp and Instagram were down because of some unknown reasons. The disruption was felt mainly by users in North and South America; some parts of UK and Africa. And the outage existed even till the time this article was in writing. […]

Briton’s elderly populace be aware of these TV License Cyber Scams

As soon as the Television Channels decided to end free TV licenses for those who are above 75 in Britain, it seems to have become a hacking bonanza to fraudsters who are seen targeting senior to super senior citizens with several cyber scam campaigns The situation became a hell for the elderly during lock-down as […]


This post was originally published by (ISC)² Management. So, you’ve decided you want to break into cybersecurity but have no relevant experience. The bad news is experience is important when it comes to working in this field. But that doesn’t mean finding your first job will be impossible either. Read more here:

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