Dell admits data breach of over 49 million customers via Cyber Attack

Dell, a leading technology services provider, has publicly announced that it is actively investigating allegations raised by a threat actor known as Menelik, who purportedly attempted to sell information concerning its 49 million customers on a breach forum. The individual operating under the alias “Menelik” claimed on April 28th, 2024, that the data being offered […]

Dell CEO says ransomware needs layered level defense

Micheal Dell, the CEO and founder of Dell Technologies said that corporate companies can easily prevent ransomware attacks by going for a layered security approach. Speaking and disclosing his mind at a virtual conference, Dell said that he was extremely pleased with the way White House has taken steps against ransomware spread. Reacting to Joe […]

Dell new vulnerability puts over 30 million users at risk

A new vulnerability/s discovered by security researchers has reportedly put over 30 million Dell PC users at risk. It is a chain of 4 bugs that have been assigned a cumulative CVSS score of 8.4 which is high/severe. Eclypsium, a Cybersecurity vendor, was the first to discover these vulnerabilities in over 129 Dell Models that […]

Security Vulnerabilities in Dell Laptops

Dell Laptops are said to be exhibiting some vulnerabilities in their software that hackers could exploit to gain remote access say security experts from Sentinel Labs. Report released by the firm says that the discovered flaw is actually an amalgamation of 5 different flaws that are present on the Dell BIOS Utility Driver called DBUtil […]

It is Microsoft vs Dell and IBM after SolarWinds hack

In November 2020, Security firm FireEye revealed that a Russian intelligence funded hacking group had infiltrated the computer networks of several organizations and was indulging in several espionage related tactics since 2019. Now, debate between tech companies has started on whether it is safe to store data on cloud storage platforms or on-premises appliances. Tech […]

Dell fails to notify customers on Cyber Attack

Dell has announced late yesterday that it had reset all the passwords of its customers belonging to its electronics store on November 14th this year as a precautionary measure to block unauthorized attempt of cyber crooks to extract customer information like email address, customer names and hashed passwords. The highlight of this issue is […]

Dell EMC release ‘Cyber Attack’ protection software for Data Centers

Dell EMC has announced new ‘Cyber Attack’ Protection software for data centers. And the solution is said to offer an automated means for isolating and recover critical data as soon as an attack incident impacts a server network. This includes protection from ransomware and other destructive cyber threats. Dubbed as ‘Cyber Recovery’ the new software […]

All modern computers are vulnerable to cold boot attacks

All modern computers are vulnerable to cold boot attacks says a research taken up by cybersecurity firm F-Secure. The study found that all modern computers, mostly laptops, are at risk of data theft when the hackers gain physical access to the devices. F-Secure research says that hackers can easily surpass the security layers of Windows […]

Facebook, Microsoft, and Dell sign Cyber Attack pledge

Microsoft, Facebook, Dell and 37 other companies operating in the United States have signed a Cyber Attack pact pledging not to assist offensive government cyber attacks. That means, even if the government of United States desires to launch cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of its enemy nations ( like Russia, China, and North Korea), […]

FBI issues Ransomware cyber attack warning to US Businesses

United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has warned healthcare companies operating in and around the United States about a possible ransomware cyber attack by this month end. The alert comes after many healthcare firms in the UK were left devastated after Wanna cry Ransomware attack. Note- The healthcare industry is plagued by a myriad […]

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