Software supply chain attacks are escalating at an alarming rate

[By Ross Bryant, Chief of Research at Phylum] If there is one safe prediction that I can make in 2024, it is that software supply chain attacks will continue to grow at an alarming rate. My team’s job is to track bad actors across the open-source software ecosystem, and there was a lot to see […]

China to discard 50 million computers because of software security concerns from US tech war

China has set a deadline to discard over 50 million computers operating in its government agencies because of software security concerns emerging from the US Tech war. As per the sources reporting to our cybersecurity insiders, Beijing has issued a public notice of all its governing bodies to upgrade their hardware and software within the […]

How to Use Your Asset Management Software to Reduce Cyber Risks

Source    Have you heard of the Colonial Pipeline incident?    The cyberattack on the company caused widespread panic throughout the United States and disrupted operations for days.    Yes, one lapse on a spam email, one inadequate password, one abandoned account, or a malfunctioning asset can cause havoc.   In fact, in the cybersecurity […]

Israel to keep a vigil on cyber software exports

All those governments and countries planning to buy any kind of software from Israel-based companies will have to sign an agreement from now on that they will not misuse the purchased software and will abide by the conditions laid in the agreement at the time of purchase. The Defense Ministry of Israel announced on Monday […]

Court case against NSO Group Pegasus Malware by Apple Inc

Apple Inc has filed a legal suit against NSO Group for developing Pegasus malware that is being illegally used by companies/governments and individuals for conducting cyber surveillance. The complaint that was filed in California court yesterday not only seeks permission to block the spying software from infiltrating into products such as iPhones, but also seeks […]


This post was originally published by (ISC)² Management. Have you ever baked something, only to see it fail due to the lack of a key ingredient? For instance, a cake will not rise if you add baking powder after you realize it was forgotten in the original ingredient list. The same is true for many […]

Software sensors to detect Ransomware Attacks

A team of researchers from Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security has discovered a new way to identify ransomware attacks and they argue that their newly invented procedure is quick enough to identify the threat before any a hacker/s can inflict severe damage to a company on an economic, functional and reputational note. Darwin Deason […]


This post was originally published by (ISC)² Management. Last week, IBM’s Security Intelligence blog reported on the highly-discussed cybersecurity skills shortage – and in particular, how some areas are lacking in talent more than others. “Software development is one of the areas most starved of security attention,” wrote Irene Michlin. Read more here:

US FDA suggests 11 vulnerabilities in Medical Device Software

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released a media update stating 11 vulnerabilities in the software used in the medical device operations. Referred to as URGENT/11, the researchers suggest that these blind spots can leave a high number of connected medical devices exposed to remote hackers.   Though, to date, none of those devices […]

Cyber Threats can target 1 in 5 home PCs operating across the world

According to the intelligence gathered from Avast Threat Detection Database, one in five home PCs operating across the world are vulnerable to cyber threats. The Global Risk Report 2019 which uncovers the digital threats luring on home and business PCs has stressed on the fact that home users of Win 7,8 and 10 Personal computers […]

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