DNA Kits given to children in Texas Schools trigger data privacy fears

Schools operating in all districts of Texas are issuing DNA Kits to families that will in-turn help identify children during emergencies, such as the one witnessed in Uvalde in May this year where over 19 people including 17 children were killed by a mentally unstable person. The process seems to be efficiently beneficial only if […]

Hackers leak data of thousands of British School Pupils

A cyber gang has leaked data of thousands of British school pupils online and is also threatening to add more to the list, as almost all the 6 victims have chosen not to entertain the cyber criminals. Information is out that sensitive details such as passport numbers of children, their identity related documents, disciplinary statements, […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

1.) In a study made recently, ransomware attacks on educational institutions are estimated to have crossed $3.58 billion in 2021. And the costs that stemmed were accounted as such from the downtime and recovery expenses incurred through cyber attacks. The file-encrypting malware attack is said to have affected over 1.3 million students at different schools […]

IBM takes initiative to improve Ransomware Protection in Public Schools

IBM, the American Technology Company, has taken a cybersecurity initiative to improve Ransomware protection in public schools across the United States. The program will be funded solely by the said private entity at a cost of $5 million that will be distributed as a grant across K-12 schools operating throughout the United States. Aim is […]

British schools to get free cybersecurity accessing tool

Schools operating in whole of Britain will get a free cyber security tool for free from September last week. The tool will be rolled out in a testing phase to help the educational institutes in accessing the robustness of their cybersecurity measures. Come January 2022, the tool will be available for a premium price that […]

Ransomware attacks on schools fetched $6 Billion loss

According to a report compiled by Comparitech, Ransomware Attacks on schools and colleges operating in United States could have fetched a $6 billion loss to the institutes on a combined note in 2020 alone. The only good news is that the research team found that the average downtime was witnessed to have decreased from 14 […]

School re-openings in the USA hit by Ransomware and DDoS

As the US school districts are preparing to offer virtual classes to their students to contain the quick spread of COVID 19 Pandemic, cyber threats- mostly of ransomware genre are seen disrupting most of the activity. Early this week, Hartford Public Schools in Connecticut reported that it became a victim of a ransomware attack that […]

Bill to protect US Schools against Cyber Threats

On Monday, a Bill to protect US Schools against Cyber Threats was introduced in the House of Representatives and was directed to DHS to outline a list of Cybersecurity recommendations and Cybersecurity toolkit to K-12 schools operating across the United States to strengthen their cyber protections. Senators Rick Scott and Gary Peters introduced the bill […]

Ransomware attack on 621 hospitals, 500 schools and 169 businesses in the United States

A recent survey made to find the number of affected victims with ransomware in the United States has found that over 621 hospitals, 500 schools, and 169 businesses were hit by the said malware in 2019 alone. Cybersecurity firm Emsisoft issued a report yesterday stating the above stats and added that the estimate of financial […]

UK becomes a hub for Cyber Attacks as more Manufactures and Schools become victims

A research conducted by the National Cyber Security Center(NCSC) in association with the London Grid for Learning and Make UK- a manufactures organization says that the United Kingdom has become a hub for hackers to launch cyberattacks as more and more manufacturers and schools are becoming victims to various threats lurking in the cyber world. […]

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