What to do if your Android Phone gets lost

Sometimes because of bad luck or you can call it whatever, we lose our smartphone because of misplacement or when someone steals it. The very first thought that strikes our mind thereafter is what to do next? The first thing to do is to dial it and see if someone picks it up. And if […]

Know what audio files does Google Servers store from your Android Smartphones

Surely, of time, you might have used the AI voice assistant on your Google Android Smartphone. Some even have a habit of using it from time to time like for instance using it to check the weather, play latest music, know time or sports updates etc…. But do you know that all your queries asked […]

Brazilian Trojan targets Britain Smartphones leading to Banking fraud

McAfee, the Cybersecurity firm from California has issued a warning to all android users in UK to beware of a Brazilian Trojan that is targeting smart phones leading to several banking frauds. The malware is seen lurking in the Google play Store as legitimate apps that gives remote access to hackers and siphons data from […]

Cyber secure your Smart Phone by doing so

While most of the smart phones of today’s generation are well incepted when it comes to security, some practices of users makes the device fall into the prying eyes of hackers. So, just by simply following the below steps, you can not only secure your smart phone from hacking campaigns, but also keep it free […]

Globally operating billions of Android phones are vulnerable to OTA Phishing Attacks

According to a research carried out by Checkpoint researchers, all the Android phones operating across the world are vulnerable to Over-the-Air (OTA) Phishing attacks which cyber crooks can carry out with just a $10 investment. Technically speaking, OTA provisioning is done in smartphones for the mobile network carriers to send network-specific settings which apply to […]

Australia to ban mobile phone usage in schools from next year

Australia is all set to implement a nationwide ban on mobile phone usage in schools from next year and is also intending to fund the purchase of new lockers or lockable pouches on a partial note. To start with, the country has decided to first start the ban in a phase-wise manner from the state […]

Israel based company offers a Blockchain powered smartphone with utmost Mobile Security

Sirin Labs, an Israel based company has launched the world’s first block chain powered smartphone named ‘Finney’ which happens to offer utmost mobile security. The Tel-Aviv based cybersecurity company says that the product is being offered with an embedded cold storage wallet to protect private blockchain keys, a multi-layered cybersecurity suite and innovative crypto- payment […]

Google keeps a record of its users 10 years web browsing history

We all know that Google, the internet juggernaut has been spying on its users from the past few years. But have you ever imagined that the web search giant keeps a record of what you have browsed in the past 10 years? Yes, this happens to be true and was proved in a secret operation […]

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