AI-Powered SOC Automation: A New Era in Security Operations


Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are the heart of cybersecurity, but managing the endless stream of alerts, conducting in-depth investigations, and timely response to incidents are challenges that overwhelm even the most robust SOCs.

The core of this problem is the human bottleneck – it is simply impossible to hire enough cybersecurity analysts to manage all the manual work required to investigate and respond to alerts coming from a multitude of security point products. It’s an industry-wide problem that’s become increasingly clear as security products find more and more threats, but SOCs are inundated with alerts they can’t handle and respond to fast enough.

In a recent interview, Orion Cassetto, Head of Marketing at Radiant Security, outlined an innovative solution that leverages AI to break through these barriers, streamlining operations and ushering in a new era of SOC automation.

AI Co-pilot – Intelligent SOC Automation

Enter Radiant Security’s AI-powered SOC Co-pilot. This sophisticated platform integrates AI into SOC workflows, achieving three crucial outcomes: vastly increased productivity, uncovering missed threats, and significantly faster response times.

Radiant’s AI Co-pilot essentially automates the entire process of security triage and investigation. It conducts an in-depth analysis of every alert and generates a custom response plan for each incident. Analysts can then decide how to respond based on three levels of automation, depending on the organizations’ situation and preferences: (1) manual with step-by-step instructions for the analyst, (2) interactive to automate steps, or (3) fully automated.

The Secret Sauce: AI’s Role

The power of AI Co-pilot comes from the sophisticated AI engine, trained on a rich dataset including inputs like the MITRE attack framework, customer data, and the systems’ output. This enables a dynamic Q&A process that replicates and automates the inquiry and deduction sequence a security analyst would typically perform manually.

But how does it compare with human analysts?

The system’s accuracy consistently reaches the high 90% range, a level of precision that surpasses most analysts. This exceptional performance highlights its superiority to human judgment, not only in terms of accuracy but also in capacity. While human analysts are limited by time constraints and cannot always conduct in-depth investigations for every alert, the system’s automation allows for thorough and detailed analysis every single time, 24×7. In this way, the system offers not only higher accuracy but also greater depth of investigation, making it a truly advanced solution.

“We take a use case-based approach to building this and training our AI. Over time we get better and better with each use case, and we cover more and more use cases so that the analysts can delegate the groundwork to the AI Copilot and focus on working on more important things,” explains Orion. “And that makes the SOC more capable of defending itself and preventing breaches.”

Unleashing the Power of AI in SOC

The Radiant Security SOC Co-pilot boosts analyst productivity through unlimited in-depth investigation, rapid response, and intelligent automation:

  • Automated Triage & Investigation: By using AI, Radiant can manage time-consuming tasks, ensuring no attacks slip through the cracks.
  • Detecting Real Attacks: Radiant deepens investigations to uncover real incidents, understand their root cause, and track attacks wherever they go.
  • Responding Rapidly: With intelligent automation, Radiant can create a response plan, automate or manually perform corrective actions, and allow one-click remediation.
  • Empowering Junior Analysts: Radiant acts as a co-pilot to enable entry-level analysts to become valuable contributors by automating triage, investigation, and offering step-by-step guidance.

“Our AI Copilot is not just a product; it’s a commitment to transforming SOC management. By automating the triage and investigation process, we are empowering SOCs to respond more efficiently and effectively,” adds Cassetto.

Radiant Security’s AI-powered SOC Co-pilot represents a significant leap in SOC management. Through intelligent automation, it directly targets and alleviates critical challenges, offering an efficient and robust solution to the ever-increasing complexities of cybersecurity.


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