Arnold Clark data breach leads to identity theft

A few days ago, the servers of car dealer ‘Arnold Clark’ were breached by hackers and the information of 1000sof motorists was stolen that can lead to identity thefts and online frauds. The threat actors are adamant in their demand for charging cryptocurrency in millions and are not ready to entertain any negotiation of hackers.

As the company failed to pay them the demanded ransom, the cyber crooks have leaked addresses, passports, and national insurance numbers and are threatening to leak more sensitive information in the coming weeks, if the victim cannot pay them the demanded ransom.

Play Ransomware gang is suspected to be behind the incident. But the news is yet to be confirmed by the sources from the Britain’s biggest car dealers.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt from its resources that the threat actors have so far leaked 15GB of information out of the 467GB that they siphoned from the servers last month.

On Sunday, they leaked a portion of data onto the dark web that contained bank statements details and the car registration number associated with the car owner.

Security analysts state that such information can easily be misused, leading to frauds and identity thefts where criminals pose as a person and commit frauds without the permission of the victim.

NOTE- Play Ransomware aka PlayCrypt is a kind of file encrypting malware that was first identified in June 2022. Last year, the said group of criminals hacked into cloud service provider Rackspace, that happens to be the first renowned victim in their list of targets. According to a research conducted by Trend Micro, Play has some connection with Quantum Ransomware, a malware linked to the Conti Ransomware gang that has an established business of conducting online crime and has a team of research and development, spammers, negotiators tied up with a legal firm and a call center to conduct negotiations with representatives of victims.


Naveen Goud
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