CloudPassage named in Top 8 Cloud Security Solution Providers by Datamation


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CloudPassage was named one of the Top 8 Cloud Security Solution Providers by Datamation, a property of eWeek. This is another in a series of awards and recognition for the Halo platform, along with a recent 5-star rating by SC Magazine.

Halo is an automated public cloud infrastructure security solution that delivers comprehensive visibility, protection, and continuous compliance monitoring for compute, storage, database, networking, and identity services to reduce cyber risk. In Datamation’s side-by-side product comparison, Halo was the only cloud security solution noted for its regulatory security and compliance policy use cases.

Recognized for a number of its core capabilities which are already helping organizations improve security posture and reduce risk. In his review, Sean Michael Kerner of Datamation, described CloudPassage Halo as “ideally suited to help organizations of any size identify and remediate cloud risks.”

In addition to touting the platform’s ability to provide security visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, the review also highlighted Halos’s software vulnerability assessment and security configuration assessment capabilities as “key differentiators.” The publication included both a high-level overview and an in depth review of Halo as part of its comparison of the Top Cloud Security Solution Providers.

As more enterprises rush to reap the benefits of cloud computing as a way to optimize costs and resource utilization, many are finding new challenges in maintaining security and compliance. “Chances are, there is a vulnerability lurking somewhere in your enterprise’s cloud deployment, and by using CloudPassage Halo it’s more likely than not that you’ll find it,” added Kerner. Unlike point solutions that provide limited coverage for public cloud infrastructure, Halo finds critical risks other tools with its outside-in and inside-out security visibility of both the control plane and compute plane.

If you’d like to see how CloudPassage can provide security visibility and vulnerability assessment for your public cloud environments, take a test drive of Halo in our sandbox environment.

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