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Harry Rosen, the Men’s wear chain of Canada, has recently announced that its servers were hit by a cyber attack on October 9th of this year and information related to certain sensitive projects, marketing, HR, Public Relations and Staff were stolen by hackers.

A formal probe launched later revealed that the threat actors stole about 1GB information from hackers and are threatening to sell it online by posting a glimpse of the data proving their claims. Those who got access to the limited version of the stolen info state that the file contains a list of Harry Rosen’s Gold + customers, sales copies, and other documents meant to be shared with those managing the Magento project.

More details are awaited!

Coming to the second news, Iran’s Fars News Agency formally announced that a cyber-attack hit it and the incident took place while the entire nation was protesting over Mahsa Amin’s death in the Prison in September 2022.

The news agency made a formal announcement through its Telegram channel, but failed to acknowledge it as a cyber incident. Instead, it announced that the servers of the news agency were left disrupted because of some technical issues and not because of a hack or digital attack.

In Oct’22, a hacking group named Black Reward claimed to have siphoned data of Iran’s Nuclear Programs and announced that it will indulge in more such programs until all prisoners arrested during the protests were released.

Third news is critical and is to those who are using a SecureVPN app for anonymous browsing since January 2022. Recent findings indicate that the apps such as SoftVPN, OpenVPN and other such legitimate apps were compromised by Bahamut APT Group that later distributed malware to all Android users.

According to the study made by ESET, the app used to distribute malware was a trojanized version and was loaded by Bahamut Spyware. So, those who are downloading such applications should stay vigilant while downloading such apps, must do them only from legalized platforms such as Playstore and keep a tab on recent reviews on the downloaded app usage and behavior.


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