Cyber threat related headlines trending on Google


According to McAfee Cybersecurity Report of this month, a new malware is being circulated on Google Play Store through various apps such as task managers, flashlight, calendar, camera apps, notepad, and games. And has the potential to take control of victim’s device and access websites without the knowledge of victims.

Researchers estimate that the infected apps detected by them have been downloaded over 50 million times on a collective note and so the damage is expected to be severe.

Coming to the second news, Iran’s Atomic Energy’s email server was compromised on Wednesday last week that came into light on Sunday. The government of Iran suspects one of its neighboring nations as suspects as the cyber-attack on the nuclear energy organization took place after the death protests of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini.

Third is news that seems to be critical as VMware servers are being exploited through a vulnerability to drop RAR1Ramsom malware. The said malicious software is a kind of file encrypting malware that exploits WinRAR app and compresses the files of the victim with a password that is hard to detect. Interestingly, the hackers are demanding just 2XMR(Monero) to offer a decryption key.

Fourth is the news related to Interserve, a Britain-based company that is into constriction and support services. Information Commissioner Office (ICO) has imposed a penalty of £4.4m the company as it failed to protect its user data containing banking account info, insurance numbers, ethnic origin details and religion.

Cybersecurity Insiders learnt Interserve used obsolete software and hardware that resulted in the infiltration of about 283 servers, 16 compromised accounts, and deinstallation of anti-virus software and encryption of data related to former and current employees.

Interserve has been given a specific time frame to make an appeal against the penalty and had the right to impose £17.4m or at least 5% of the company’s annual turnover.

Fifth is the news about a ransomware attack that struck the IT infrastructure of retailing giant Metro, Germany. According to the details available to the media, MetroMakro is experiencing IT outages because of ransomware attack. And so customers of the wholesale food corporation might experience delays in their order processing and delivery.

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