Infinidat Revolutionizes Enterprise Cyber Storage Protection to Reduce Ransomware and Malware Threat Windows

Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions, has introduced a new automated cyber resiliency and recovery solution that will revolutionize how enterprises can minimize the impact of ransomware and malware attacks. Infinidat’s InfiniSafe® Automated Cyber Protection (ACP) is a first-of-its-kind cybersecurity integration solution that is designed to reduce the threat window of cyberattacks, such […]

How to Analyze Malware in 5 Steps

Trojans, ransomware, spyware, and other types of malware are significant threats to organizations. To stay informed and understand how the latest malware operates, cybersecurity professionals need to be able to analyze it. Here are five steps that security specialists can take to dissect malicious software and expose its functionality. Step 1: Isolate the Malware The […]

Decoding Router Vulnerabilities Exploited by Mirai: Insights from Honeypot Data

Already in 2024, we successfully defended against 5.8 million Mirai-related attacks and saw a spike in honeypot activity related to Mirai, all aimed at exploiting vulnerabilities in aging router systems. These attacks exhibit striking similarities, a theme we will explore further in subsequent sections of this blog. By understanding the common threads among these exploits, […]

How to ensure the security of your SaaS platform

Distributing cloud solutions and services via a proprietary SaaS platform can be a highly profitable business model. Vendors of successful platforms can earn hundreds of millions of dollars annually, following the examples of Datadog, Hubspot, Salesforce, and other SaaS market players. However, when developing a SaaS platform, vendors have to ensure the security of data […]

Eurojust conducts operation to shut malware and ransomware spreading botnets

Eurojust, the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice, recently initiated a decisive strike against a notorious botnet network responsible for disseminating malware and ransomware across the digital realm. Dubbed “Endgame,” this operation was meticulously coordinated with law enforcement agencies worldwide, resulting in the apprehension of four key suspects. The crackdown led to the seizure of […]

ATM malware developed to target Europe

Britain’s NCSC, the cybersecurity arm of GCHQ, has taken heed of a recent alert regarding a concerning cyber threat. According to reports from media outlets, criminals have developed malware specifically targeting ATMs, with the potential to generate a minimum profit of $30,000 per infected machine. This malicious software, currently attributed to a known cybercrime actor, […]

Fake Antivirus websites now delivering malware

In recent times, the landscape of cyber threats has taken a new turn, with cybercriminals employing sophisticated tactics to disseminate malware through counterfeit antivirus websites. This revelation comes from researchers at Trellix, shedding light on a concerning trend where malicious actors not only aim to pilfer sensitive data but also engage in double or triple […]

How do cybercriminals use artificial intelligence?

The world is becoming increasingly digital, and innovative technological advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI) are evolving at an alarming rate. But unfortunately, as technology advances, so do the strategies of cybercriminals. The integration of AI into nefarious online activities has sparked a cascade of newly sophisticated cyber threats which both individuals and businesses alike […]

Stemming the Tide: Solving the Challenge of Password Reuse and Password-Stealing Malware

Password stealing malware is again rising with several attacks making the news cycle in recent months. For instance, a new password-stealing malware named Ov3r_Stealer was discovered on Facebook Ads, spreading by way of fake job opportunities. Further analysis into password-stealing malware has also revealed that one malware, in particular, is responsible for around 170 million […]

Stay Safe This Tax Season: Fake Tax Apps Pushing Malware on the Rise

[By: Krishna Vishnubhotla, Vice President Product Strategy, Zimperium] Tax Day is just around the corner and it is vital for individuals and businesses to be hypervigilant of the tax apps we choose as there has been a significant rise in fake tax apps pushing malware. To keep your personal and financial information safe, these apps […]

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