Over 1800 global banking apps targeted by 29 malware variants

In recent months, a staggering 29 malware families have been discovered targeting approximately 1800 banking applications worldwide. This revelation, based on a comprehensive survey conducted by security firm Zimperium, involved insights from over 2000 respondents spanning 61 countries. Outlined in their 2022 Malware report, Zimperium highlighted the infiltration of around 10 sophisticated malware families affecting […]

Malware threat on rise and some details

Hackers are currently exploiting an old vulnerability in Microsoft Excel to inject a newly identified malware known as ‘Agent Tesla.’ This malicious software is capable of either cleaning up a database or discreetly gathering intelligence, depending on the commands it receives from the C2C servers. A study conducted by Zscaler ThreatLabz reveals that the malware’s […]

Securing the Cloud: Strategies for CSPs to Mitigate Malware Hosting Risks

In recent years, the prevalence of cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate, offering scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. However, this technological shift has also attracted the attention of cyber-criminals who exploit cloud environments for hosting malware. Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) play a crucial role in safeguarding their infrastructure and ensuring the security of their […]

Britain Nuclear site Sellafield experiences malware cyber attack

Reports confirm that Sellafield, a prominent nuclear site, has fallen victim to a recent malware attack, with initial investigations suggesting the infiltration of malicious software dating as far back as 2015. Cybersecurity experts are actively engaged in probing the incident, and while much of the specific details remain undisclosed, it is evident that a comprehensive […]

10 ways to know your smart phone has spying malware

Numerous world leaders have expressed concerns regarding espionage-related malware being surreptitiously planted on their personal devices by their adversaries. This clandestine practice aims to gather classified information or monitor their activities. Apple Inc. issued a statement yesterday, urging iPhone users to exercise caution, as certain states have been reported to hire hackers to engage in […]

Google App turns into malware for many on Smart Phones

The Google app and its synchronized applications, including Maps and Gmail, offer a world of possibilities to users. However, a peculiar situation has arisen, with certain smartphones identifying the Google app as potential malware and warning users against its usage. This may sound bizarre, but it’s a fact. Users of Huawei, Vivo, and Honor phones […]

Cybersecurity news headlines trending on Google

The Navy Exchange Service‘s sale of Lenovo laptops at steep discounts and duty-free rates has raised concerns among U.S. lawmakers due to the manufacturer’s ties to the People’s Republic of China. There are apprehensions that these laptops could potentially contain pre-installed malware aimed at spying on users in Western countries. While currently, this is only […]

Decoding the Naming Conventions of Ransomware Malware

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, one form of digital menace has gained significant notoriety: ransomware malware. These malicious programs encrypt victims’ data and demand a ransom for its release, wreaking havoc on individuals, businesses, and even government institutions. One intriguing aspect of ransomware is the distinct and often creative names these threats are […]

The Latest in Cybersecurity Incidents making to Google Headlines

Collaborative Efforts Dismantle Qakbot Malware’s IT Infrastructure In a significant joint operation, the FBI, in partnership with the Department of Justice and international allies, has successfully taken down the IT infrastructure owned by the Qakbot Malware group. Drawing expertise from cyber law enforcement units in countries including France, the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Latvia, […]

Trending cybersecurity news headlines on Google

1.) Tesla Faces Data Breach, Employee Information Compromised Tesla, the prominent electric car manufacturer, recently experienced a concerning data breach, with sensitive information of approximately 75,000 staff members being leaked to a German-language business media outlet called Handelsblatt. An extensive investigation conducted by Tesla revealed that two former employees were involved in illicitly obtaining intelligence […]

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