Law firms facing malware cyber threat

From early this year, two malware variants targeted almost 6-7 law firms spread through two separate incidents, alerting whole of the world about the lurking cyber threat. Cybersecurity firm eSentire was the first to uncover the truth as its security analysts discovered that the two malicious software named GootLoader and SoCGholish were only infecting the […]

Google advertisements turning into malware spreading platforms

The next time when you search for a software download on the Google search engine, be cautious, as the software might also bring in new trouble as malware or might strictly act as a source to malware spread that can steal data and encrypt all the information on the web. Security analysts from MalwareHunterTeam have […]

Ukraine defense email systems infected by malware

Ukraine’s war miseries emerging from Russia seem to be never-ending as a compromised email account related to the country’s Ministry of Defense was caught sending phishing emails to users of the Delta Situational awareness program. Ukraine’s Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine created DELTA in March this year, to issue an alert to military personnel […]

Money Lending apps are having hidden spying malware

Money Lending apps that are in great demand in this Christmas season are found spying on their users to steal personal data to later threaten victims with certain blackmailing tactics. A study made by ZIMPERIUM zLabs has detected this malicious activity of stealing personal info from personal devices to blackmail individuals. Dubbed as MoneyMonger, the […]

Malware steals Facebook account details from 300,000 devices

New malware is on the prowl and is seen spreading malicious software in disguise of applications meant for teaching, reading, and other education-related activities. In particular, the apps targeted users from Vietnam and infected about 300,000 devices in over 71 countries just to steal Facebook(FB) credentials. ZIMPERIUM is the firm that conducted the study and […]

Cyber threat related headlines trending on Google

According to McAfee Cybersecurity Report of this month, a new malware is being circulated on Google Play Store through various apps such as task managers, flashlight, calendar, camera apps, notepad, and games. And has the potential to take control of victim’s device and access websites without the knowledge of victims. Researchers estimate that the infected […]

Facebook Ad Campaigns hit by Malware

In February this year, Check Point researchers revealed that a new malware named ‘Ducktail’ was behind the Facebook (FB) employees who were taking care of ad campaigns and their motive was to take hold of the direct payments made to them by customers or to hijack the ad campaigns to place their advertisements. Now, a […]

Do Smart TVs need antivirus

It’s a big question to many, especially those who are thinking to shop for one in the upcoming Thanksgiving or Christmas season. Security experts say that it is not a smart thinking to purchase an anti-virus solution and run on a connected TV. Even if companies like Samsung try to push them towards you on […]

Beware of this RatMilad Android spying Malware

Zimperium has issued a warning about a novel malware that is in circulation and is impact android devices. The malware is named as RatMilad and is suspected to be developed and distributed by an Iranian Hacking Group. The security firm detected that the spyware has capabilities to manipulate files, record audio, modify application permissions and […]

US Government defense data stolen by Malware

Information is out that an advanced persistent threat group has reportedly stolen data from the US Defense servers with the help of CovalentStealer Malware. And news is out that the information steal was taking place from the past 10 months, with the initial access got Microsoft Exchange Servers from January last year. It is a […]

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