Mobile Security Threat for Android users through BRATA Malware

An Italian mobile security company named Cleafy has issued a warning to all android phone users about a malware dubbed BRATA. The security researchers have identified that the malware has not only the potential to wipe out entire information from an infected device but can also remain concealed by stealing vital info. The way BRATA […]

Apps on Google Play Store with in-built Adware

Security researchers from Dr. Web have discovered in their latest study that many of the applications hosted in the Google Play Store were loaded with adware and info stealing malicious software. The most concerning info about these apps is the fact that some applications also have the potential to steal information from other apps such […]

Black Basta Ransomware gang partners with QBot malware

A new ransomware gang dubbed Black Basta has reportedly partners with QBot malware to hacking corporate environments. As Qbot has the potential to steal critical information, such as password credentials and malware payloads, on infected devices, Black Basta might have partnered with it to steal information from its victims. QBot aka QuakBot is usually being […]

Europol seizes Flubot malware operations and infrastructure

Europol, an internationally recognized law enforcement agency, has made it official that it has seized the operations and infrastructure of Flubot malware that has the potential to steal passwords, banking credentials, and other sensitive details from Google Android smartphones. The take-down was initiated in coordination with the cyber forces from 11 countries that included officers […]

Norton to pay Columbia University a penalty for Malware patent infringement

Symantec, now known as NortonLifeLock Inc, has been ordered by a federal court to pay $185.1 million as royalty from sales for infringing malware patent laws of Columbia University willfully. According to the details shared with the media by Virginia Federal Court, the trustees of an educational institution issued a legal notice to Norton in […]

Microsoft stops Russian from cyber targeting Ukraine further

Microsoft released a press update last week that it has stopped a hacking group linked to Russian GRU military unit from targeting Ukraine’s critical infrastructure and some dignitaries and think tanks linked to United States. The company seems to spy on the activities that are taking place on all Windows machines operating in the Putin […]

New AcidRain malware hit Viasat’s modems downing Ukraine’s internet

A few days, a US Satellite Communication provider ViaSat claimed that its services beaming in Ukraine were disrupted and there is a possibility that it was downed by Russian hackers on February 24th,2022. Details are now out that the disruption was not only noticed in Ukraine but also in other countries in Europe. And was […]

Cryptocurrency stealing malware in disguise of Russia DDoS tool

From the past few days, a DDoS tool dubbed ‘Phoenix’ is doing rounds on the internet claiming to support Ukraine and useful to launch a denial of service attack on the IT Infrastructure of Russia. But in reality, it is a tool that instead steals cryptocurrency from the downloaded device and acts as a data […]

Fake android app fraudulently helps harvests Facebook credentials

According to a research conducted by a French security firm Pradeo, an app having over 100,000 downloads on Google Playstore was fraudulently involved in harvesting Facebook credentials without the knowledge of the device owner. The app named ‘Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools’ was meant to enhance the pictures taken from the mobile and was supposed to […]

Malware threat alert for websites hosted on GoDaddy

Security researchers from The WordFence Incident Response team have issued a malware threat alert to websites hosted on the GoDaddy Managed Hosting service. The alert issued by the WordPress security analysis team is about a backdoor malware that has infected sites since March 11th of this year. Of the 298 websites detected with the malware, […]

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