Data Stealing Ransomware hits Chubb Insurance and Kimchuk


1.) Chubb Insurance has issued an official statement yesterday that it was hit by data-stealing Maze Ransomware who are now threatening to release a portion of sensitive data if the company doesn’t bow down to the demands of its hackers.


Authorities at the world-renowned insurance firm have confirmed that some of its digital assets were targeted by Maze, a ransomware operator but failed to admit that sensitive data was accessed and stolen by hackers.


However, a newsletter released by Maze suggests that personally identifiable info of the insurance giant was accessed by its hackers which will go on sale by this month’s end- only if the Insurance firm refuses to pay the ransom.


A third party firm has been hired to deal with the situation and bring back the server operations to normalcy by this weekend.


Jeffery Jack, the spokesperson of Chubb has confirmed the news and added that the main network of Chubb was fully operational and so the customers might not feel the impact while dealing with the claims and paying their regular premiums.


Note- A security researcher following Maze activities has responded that the said ransomware spreading gang has information such as names, contact numbers and email addresses of several key people from the company and that includes the credentials belonging to 3 senior executives and the CEO Evan Greenberg.


2.) Kimchuk which happens to be electronics manufacture for the medical and military industry and based in Danbury, Connecticut, United States has admitted that its database was hit by ransomware which has the potential to steal data.


The electronics manufacturer which offers equipment to telecom industries, power grids, and nuclear modules has stated that DopplePaymer Ransomware is suspected to have hit its network exfiltrating data to remote servers owned by those spreading the said ransomware.


As the file-encrypting malware hit the database early this month, the threat actors are said to have demanded a sum of $10 million in Crypto in exchange to free up the data. And as the company failed to pay up the ransom, the hackers started to slowly publish a part of the stolen Kimchuk’s data on the dark web.


Jim Marquis, the Chief Executive Officer of Kimchuk has endorsed the news and partially agreed that the attack took place around March 5th, 2020.

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