Details of US State Department Cyber Attack


The US Department of Defense Cyber Command has disclosed in a tweet that the US State Department was hit by a cyber attack, just a couple of weeks ago, hinting at a serious data breach.

However, for security reasons, the source did not reveal the nature of the attack and its impact on the operations taken up by the state department.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt that the attack could have taken place in the first week of August and a state funded hacking gang seems to be behind the incident.

The interesting part of the incident is that the US State Department has specifically clarified in a tweet that the incident did not impact ‘Operation Allies Refuge’ program aka the ongoing evacuation program of Americans and Afghans from Afghanistan.

Fox News was the first news resource to report about the United States State Department Cyber Attack and added in its report that the federal agency has taken all appropriate security measures to safeguard the info of its users from hereon.

Note 1- By the late hours of Sunday, Reuter’s news agency came up with a report condemning the news and stated that the US state department website has not experienced any significant disruptions and had no operations impeded with ransomware- as report by a news agency in the afternoon of August 22nd, 2021.

Note 2- A Bipartisan report released by the Homeland Security and Government affairs committee states that none of the US Feds 8 agencies are found following the basic cybersecurity standards and protocols that are needed to secure the data of Americans…..strange!

Naveen Goud
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