Forrester report: Vendor landscape: cloud workload security solutions, Q3 2017

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Last month Forrester released their latest cloud security report, Vendor Landscape: Cloud Workload Security Solutions, Q3 2017. We were honored to be featured in the report, especially because it delves into critical issues shaping today’s security industry. Issues that we believe will soon become industry requirements as more organizations move into the cloud – especially as they begin adopting container solutions.

The key points covered in this report include:

  • You can’t secure cloud workloads with regular tools
  • Forget manual workload security – automate
  • The cloud workload security vendor solution market is fragmented – not all vendors are created equal
  • Vulnerabilities must be addressed at configuration time to avoid user impact

None of the above come as a surprise to the engineers here at CloudPassage who have spent the past six years refining our security capabilities; which Forrester describes as:

  • Productized container support
  • Workload agents for data collection
  • File integrity monitoring configurable for individual files
  • Host-based firewalling
  • Binary control by executable whitelisting
  • Product integration with DevOps tools
  • Documented API for headless integration
  • ISO 27000 for native compliance
  • PCI native compliance
  • SOC2 native compliance
  • Guest OS is independent of the kernel

This wealth of capabilities may seem daunting, but as Forrester pointed out in their report, the only way that organizations can protect themselves is with a “multilayered defense.” This defense must integrate well with DevOps teams, be customizable to “ensure admins have only need-to-know access to the CWS tool and its configuration,” and automated.

It seems as if a day doesn’t go by without a security breach making headlines. And as Forrester knows and we can confirm, the future of security and compliance depends on the kind of vigilance and visibility you can only get by using the latest cloud security technology to protect against the latest malware and ransomware.

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