Hackers steal Defense Information from servers of Kawasaki Heavy

Japanese multinational auto-manufacturer Kawasaki Heavy has made it official that some of its data was accessed by hackers on June 11th this year. Although the company states that no critical information was leaked to the threat actors in the incident.

However, a source on the condition of anonymity states that data related to aircraft and submarines pertaining to the Defense Ministry was leaked to the hackers.

Information is out that the data was accessed by hackers from a server operating in the headquarters of Japan and news is out that the hacker infiltrated the database by stole admin IDs and passwords of the company’s domestic systems and then accessed the servers of the company in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and United States.

Kawasaki has assured that no information was breached after August this year and it has bolstered all its Cybersecurity measures across its branches so that no such incident occurs in near future.

Note- Before second world war, Kawasaki Heavy Industries was a part of Kobe Kawasaki Zaibatsu and included Kawasaki Steel and Kawasaki Kisen in its business. After the war it became a part of DKB Group and has now emerged into 3 major heavy industrial manufactures alongside Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries(IHI) Co LTD. Currently, the company produces ships, motor bikes, aircraft engines, space vehicles, marine engines running on diesel, gas turbines, automotives, railway engines, industrial machinery, power station boilers, and suspension bridges.

Naveen Goud
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