Hive Ransomware gang website seized by FBI and Europol


    In what comes as a surprise to criminals operating in the cyberworld, the website that used to act as a data leak platform for hive ransomware gang seems in control of the US law enforcement now.

    According to the notice witnessed on the website, the URL has been seized and its operations have been shut down in a coordinated operation conducted by the Department of Justice, FBI, Secret Service, Europol and other European Countries. The notice also contains the seizure order issued by the legal Attorney Office of the Middle District of Florida.

    Coming to some facts related to Hive Ransomware Gang, it’s just a year-old malware that has emerged into the third position of most active ransomware groups in July 2022, within no time, and is affiliated with a now defunct Conti gang.

    Cybersecurity Experts from Microsoft confirmed Hive Gang crippled the entire healthcare network and computer network of Social Security Fund (CCSS) in the country of Costa Rica after which the President of the nation declared an emergency.

    NOTE 1- UK NCSC has warned that Russia and Iranian threat actors are launching spear-phishing attacks against government organizations, activists and journalists. And Hive, along with Seaborgium and Iran-based TA453 criminal gangs, are reportedly targeting victims from the past 3 months, especially those from defense and NGOs.

    NOTE 2- Conti Ransomware gang is now defunct as the criminals operating the group have split and formed into smaller criminal groups distributing malware and spying software from May 2022.


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