How Big Data Is Transforming the Education


Now, a rare person will be surprised by the presence and active usage of modern technologies in the education and the learning process, in particular.


Nowadays, the world is changing at a rapid speed, bringing innovations in all the life spheres. And education hasn’t become an exception. On the contrary, people devote special attention to this sector and apply different technologies to simplify and improve the learning process. With each year, the amount of information increases, and since we live in a digital era, it is not surprising that information has become digital as well. So, it is not for nothing that people have invented cloud storages for keeping data sets. You might have run into the term “Big Data” which means a field in which data analysts process, structure, apply and learn data sets that usual software cannot handle. Singling out the required info from huge data sets allows industries to forecast tendencies, make successful business decisions and seek solutions to meet the requirements of the modern world. And since online learning has become widespread, it is not surprising that learning analytics has been applied in education.


Role of Big Data in the modern learning process


Many people treat Big Data as an abstract concept that has nothing to do with the real world, so it is unclear how one can use its benefits. Many people have faced huge changes in their lives this year due to the epidemic and lockdown. Most students have changed their usual classrooms to Zoom conferences at home. The whole education process is remote today, and it means that the traffic of online courses has increased drastically.


Students are interested in eLearning programs and specialized software to work on their assignments. Online video conferences have become an ordinary thing. Thus, eLearning tools are changing education at this very moment. Later, data analysts will study all the info on how the specific software was applied, what issues students faced, what they opted for, etc. In other words, Big Data specialists will examine their behavior and transmit the results to educational institutions and companies to influence the education process. Thus, they can understand what practices are the most useful, what changes result in maximal productivity, what teaching practices increase students’ capabilities. As a result, all the future changes will be aimed at increasing students’ satisfaction from the learning process. So, all the insights that Big Data can provide us with can improve the learning process and make it more interesting and successful.  


Development of personalized learning


Big Data uses students’ assignments and test results to analyze their performance. It may result in the development and improvement of customized education plans and targets. They get data from various channels, and it allows them to examine more info and improve the teaching methods, given specific behavior patterns.


Grouping students based on learning issues and patterns, they can bring changes and allocate required resources. Thus, it becomes possible to form customized classes based on specific needs and demands. For instance, students usually ask, “Will someone do my assignment online?” can form a separate class that will get additional assignments to improve their knowledge. So, such personalization will help students improve their writing skills, softs skills and cope with various assignments much faster. Big Data helps create a smart and interactive tutorial system that considers students’ strong and weak sides. On the other hand, such a tailor-made approach will increase students’ interest in studying and improves involvement without a need to check some speedy paper reviews searching for a helper.


Improvement of results and career perspectives


Big Data helps not just educational institutions and teachers. Given the customized approach to education, students can work on their weak spots and improve their results dramatically. Big Data helps monitor students’ preferences and blind areas, helping change the situation for the better. As a result, they can improve their performance and get A-grade papers without much effort. And it will bring great improvements and benefits in the long run since it will be much easier for students to determine their future careers. The world is changing, and sometimes it can be hard to get the potential roles and fields that match their needs and abilities. And it is when Big Data comes in handy with their suggestions.


Improvement of educational assessment


Big Data can help teachers to evaluate the strong and weak sides of their courses. Thus, they get unbiased feedback on their course that helps them understand the level of efficiency of their methods and approaches. This info helps identify gaps and some blind areas in their courses and correct the methods to meet the requirements of their students at the very beginning. Big Data can help realize how complicated a course is for some specific students and what actions can be taken for improvement of the situation. Thus, if teachers consider all these moments, they can tailor their program and increase students’ chances to get good results and obtain the required knowledge.


The future of Big data and Education


We have already noticed that the education field is changing nowadays, and this process will only speed up in the nearest future. People will face a huge revolution in this area, especially in terms of some aspects. Used Big Data and educational software will meet the needs of both students and educators. High technologies will improve the approach towards studying and will move it to a new level. Students will get a chance to obtain incredible knowledge without attending classes. This year has shown that education can go remotely, and with the appliance of Big Data, AI, gamification and AR, studies can become maximally effective.


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