IONIX Advances Industry Leading Attack Surface Management (ASM) Platform With Centralized Threat Center for Swift Zero-day Response

Tel Aviv-based IONIX has unveiled a groundbreaking enhancement to its Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform: the introduction of a centralized Threat Center designed to accelerate the response of security teams to newly disclosed zero-day vulnerabilities. This advancement comes at a critical juncture in the cybersecurity domain, where the speed and efficiency of responding to vulnerabilities can mean the difference between a secure network and a compromised one.

The new IONIX Threat Center is engineered to provide security teams with detailed, up-to-the-minute insights into the exposures that the latest zero-day vulnerabilities may pose. It accomplishes this by pinpointing specific assets within an organization’s digital ecosystem that are, or could potentially be, exposed to zero-day exploits. Upon identifying these vulnerabilities, the Threat Center proactively alerts customers and provides them with suggested remediation actions, enabling a response up to three times faster than traditional methods.

This innovation is particularly notable for its synergy with IONIX’s recently integrated Exposure Validation capabilities, which simulate non-intrusive exploit scenarios in response to emerging zero-days. This approach allows for a precise identification and validation of assets that are exploitable or potentially at risk, with the validated findings made accessible through the IONIX Threat Center. This ensures that customers have focused visibility into their exposure to zero-day threats, along with streamlined access to necessary remediation steps.

A real-world example of the platform’s efficacy was demonstrated earlier this year when the IONIX system swiftly mapped and evaluated the exploitability of customer instances of Jenkins, an open-source automation server, following the disclosure of a critical vulnerability. This proactive approach underscores IONIX’s commitment to equipping its customers with the tools and information needed to swiftly and effectively address critical vulnerabilities.

Marc Gaffan, CEO of IONIX, emphasized the importance of narrowing down the focus to the fraction of zero-day vulnerabilities that are actively exploited. He stated, “It’s commonly assumed that only two percent of zero-day vulnerabilities are actively exploited. Getting to that two percent and helping customers identify the assets with exploitable risks – that’s where the focus of cybersecurity teams should be.” Gaffan further elaborated that the Threat Center’s objective is to bring clarity to the real impact of zero-day exploits, facilitating the identification and rapid remediation of the most critical and exploitable assets.

The IONIX Threat Center is supported by the company’s research team, which conducts continuous scanning and tracking of vulnerabilities. This ensures that new vulnerabilities are quickly identified, analyzed, and that specific exploitable assets are highlighted for customer action. The Threat Center’s capabilities extend beyond mere identification, offering actionable remediation advice in an accessible format through the IONIX customer portal. This includes validated exploitability and recommended actions, alongside proactive communication to maintain transparency and reinforce the reliability of IONIX’s testing procedures.

IONIX’s ASM platform stands out in the crowded cybersecurity field for its comprehensive approach to revealing exploitable risks across real attack surfaces and digital supply chains. It boasts an unparalleled ability to discover and monitor every internet-facing asset and connection, delivering focused insights into the most critical risks to businesses, and providing the tools necessary for rapid threat remediation and attack surface exposure reduction. Global leaders, including Lexmark, Infosys, The Telegraph, Warner Music Group, and E.ON, rely on IONIX for proactive defense against the complexities of securing their expansive and ever-evolving attack surfaces.

The launch of the IONIX Threat Center represents a significant leap forward in attack surface management, setting a new benchmark for the cybersecurity industry. It underscores the critical need for organizations to adopt advanced, intelligent solutions that can keep pace with the rapid evolution of cyber threats. As the ASM space continues to grow and evolve, innovations like the IONIX Threat Center will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of cybersecurity, providing organizations with the means to stay one step ahead of potential threats.


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