Leaked European Union COVID-19 data from Cyber Attack out on internet

The hackers who hacked into the servers of European Union (EU) Medical Agency and stole the information related to the research and development of Corona Virus vaccine have leaked the data on the dark web as the victim denied paying a ransom.

Officially dubbed as European Medicines Agency (EMA), the hackers infiltrated into the servers in December 2020 and stole data in an apparent ransomware attack. Now, as the EMA denied paying a ransom, they disclosed a portion of the stolen data on the dark web; with a promise of released more in later days.

EU Law enforcement authorities and the cyber arm of GCHQ- NCSC have started a criminal investigation on the issue and a statement on this note will be issued after a detailed probe gets concluded.

Although EMA’s research work was affected in the incident, authorities have confirmed that the data breach did not impact the approval and distribution of the COVID-19 medicine at any moment.

Note 1- Entering a computer network by fraudulent means is a way of earning for hackers. But if they continue the same when the world is going through a severe health crisis, it clearly shows that they have erased the meaning of ‘Humanity’ from their brain and heart on a permanent note.

Note 2- In November 2020, Microsoft in association with FBI and UK’s NCSC have issued a warning to all companies operating in the healthcare sector that they have to raise their defenseline against cyber attacks on an urgent note as cyber crooks are on a consistent attempt to gain access to research data.

Naveen Goud
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