Oracle to buy cyber attacked Dyn!

Oracle Corporation based in California has made an official announcement that it is going to buy Dyn- the internet traffic company which witnessed a recent and devastating cyber attack. Oracle chose to buy the DYN company based on its reputation of driving over 40 billion optimized traffic daily for more than 3,500 enterprise customers.

Dyn is an internet traffic routing company which is based in New Hampshire. Last month on 21st, the company witnessed a fatal cyber attack on its database leading to a major disaster. Many popular websites which depended on DYN like Amazon, Twitter, Netflix and Etsy went offline for few hours resulting in financial losses.

After a preliminary inquiry, it was found that the attack was a state-sponsored cyber attack. Although there was no strong evidence in this matter, FBI reported that this could be a Russian cyber attack. However, Russia remained tight-lipped on this issue and never agreed to the media circulated rumors.

In a letter addressed to customers which were served this morning, Oracle revealed that Dyn’s expertise in driving internet traffic can be used to optimize its company’s cloud-based applications which are heavily dependent on the web.  As Oracle launched its second generation of IaaS data center business in September 2016, the American technology major is said to buy Dyn for $600 million citing an exciting business opportunity.

It is still unclear, whether the deal was in works prior to the cyber attack or was a sudden development after the attack. Industry sources said that Dyn was in a money crunch after the service provider was hit with Mirai Malware which made hackers launch Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attacks. The said malware sneaked into the database of Dyn when an employee accidentally clicked on one of the phishing emails.

More details are awaited!



Naveen Goud
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