Our latest integration – Check Point connects with Cloudpassage

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Co-authored by Ash Wilson and John Janetos.

We’ve got some great news for our current (and future) customers. We’ve partnered with Check Point to provide you with the best of both worlds for infrastructure security: the best network and workload security in a single integrated solution. So you can now surround any number of your dynamic or traditional environments with one secure perimeter. Whether you’re growing your DevSecOps practice, expanding your cloud footprint, or already in the cloud, capitalizing on our integrated solution automates the security of your elastic and dynamic environments in any public, private, or hybrid cloud.

In fact, trying to secure a growing volume of cloud and container infrastructure, (which is now being intermixed with legacy data centers at many organizations) with just traditional tools often frustrates stakeholders. That’s why the key is in the combination of the two.  Legacy, siloed solutions were designed for relatively static, slow changing environments. Using them for highly elastic dynamic environments often slows down the business and compromises the benefits of cloud adoption.

A new model is needed, fast. And together with Check Point, we’ve got it. This latest integration helps to optimize your Check Point virtual appliance, meaning users have a better experience with less risk to the business thanks to the fact that potential exploits are being blocked at the perimeter.

So here’s how it works

The Check Point Cloud Guard IaaS system manages the assignment of threat protections, which prevent malicious network traffic from reaching vulnerable workloads. Applying only the protections you need is absolutely essential to maintain peak performance and network traffic throughput in order to protect potentially vulnerable infrastructure.

A network administrator typically creates and manages these profiles by hand. Using CloudPassage Halo, you can identify exactly which software vulnerabilities exist on your workloads. Our integration dynamically and automatically builds protection profiles that would otherwise be a time-consuming and repetitive task.

One benefit is the elimination of error prone manual efforts resulting in time savings  for the network administrator who can now focus on higher-order tasks. A second benefit is the automatic creation and management of fine-grained protection profiles that optimize the performance of your Check Point network gateways. A perfect intersection of visibility, prevention, and automation.

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