Payment Card Information leaked of Proliance Surgeons


Proliance Surgeons, a Washington based healthcare organization, has confirmed that hackers have accessed sensitive payment card details of patients through a cyber attack on a recent note. And stated that all those digital payments made through Proliance’s Online Payment Platform could be at serious risk.

What’s interesting about this incident is that only the card details of the payments made between November 13th,2019 to June 24th,2020 were accessed by hackers.

News is out that critical details like card expiry dates, card numbers, expiration dates, zip codes and names of the cardholders were accessed by hackers and so all those who made payment in the said time frame are being urged to check for any fraudulent activity in their recent bank statements.

Information is out that none of the Patient data, and the emergency services were affected in the incident.

Proliance offers general medical and surgical services across Seattle, WA and sources reporting to Cybersecurity insiders say that the company was founded in 1993.

Note 1- According to Black Book Research, cyber attacks on healthcare service providers are said to triple in 2021 and the research confirms that 73% of hospitals, healthcare systems and physician clinics are under prepared to respond to cyber attacks. Thus, as companies are expected to build their information security systems by 2021, it is estimated that the industry could spend nearly $134 billion to strengthen their Cybersecurity defense line.

Note 2- Black Book defined in its report that ransomware attacks are said to top the list of cyber attacks targeting hospitals followed by Phishing email risks.

Naveen Goud
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