2019 Cloud Security Report (ISC)2

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Organizations continue to adopt cloud computing at a rapid pace to benefit from the
promise of increased efficiency, better scalability, and improved agility.
While cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) continue to expand security services to protect their
evolving cloud platforms, it is ultimately the customers’ responsibility to secure their
data within these cloud environments.

The 2019 Cloud Security Report highlights what is and what is not working for security
operations teams in securing their cloud data, systems, and services in this shared
responsibility model. The results are a continuation of past challenges:

  • The top cloud security concern of cybersecurity professionals is data loss and leakage (64%).
  • Unauthorized access through misuse of employee credentials and improper access
    controls (42%) takes the number one spot in this year’s survey as the single biggest
    perceived vulnerability to cloud security, tied with insecure interfaces and APIs (42%).
    This is followed by misconfiguration of the cloud platform (40%).
  • The top two operational security headaches SOC teams are struggling with are compliance (34%) and lack of visibility into cloud security (33%).

Overall, the findings in this report emphasize that security teams must reassess their
security posture and strategies, and address the shortcomings of legacy security tools to
protect their evolving IT environments.

This 2019 Cloud Security Report has been produced by Cybersecurity Insiders, the
400,000 member information security community, to explore how organizations are
responding to the evolving security threats in the cloud.

Many thanks to (ISC)2 for supporting this important research project.

We hope you’ll find this report informative and helpful as you continue your efforts in
securing your cloud environments.


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