2019 Data Security Report

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While limiting access to data to the lowest levels possible is among the most pragmatic actions an organization can take to secure their information from unauthorized access, the security of data extends far beyond controlling access at the data layer.

Data security equally relies on the security of the credentials that supply access to it. At least for 90% of enterprises worldwide, those credentials are stored in Active Directory. Adding further complexity to an already difficult scenario, the security of Active Directory relies on the security of the desktop and server infrastructure Active Directory is most commonly compromised from. Therefore, if data security is to be addressed holistically, organizations require a solution that addresses each layer of the stack.

Unfortunately, most enterprises still have little visibility into or control over these three critical layers of the data security equation. As a result, they are largely incapable of securing their critical assets from the modern threats they face. This leads to tremendous risk, vulnerability, and the increased likelihood of a data breach.

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