Importance of Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) for SOCs

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NTA is an important new cybersecurity strategy that shifts threat hunting from perimeters and endpoints to network flows. NTA uses a combination of machine learning, advanced analytics and rule-based detection to build (or refine) a baseline model of normal network behavior, and to deliver deeply contextualized alerts when abnormal patterns are detected.

It is an approach well-suited to open, continuously evolving network environments, and its effectiveness at identifying hard-to-detect threats – in near-real time – is generating significant industry interest.

In this survey, we set out to learn more about NTA awareness, knowledge and usage by professionals working in enterprise cybersecurity and at Security Operations Centers (SOCs) operated by Managed Security Service Providers.

We hope you will find the information shared by respondents to be useful in assessing and honing your own cyber security strategies, and we hope that you will enjoy reading the report.


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