2019 Threat Hunting Report

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    Threat hunting is a new discipline for most organizations, established
    in response to new security challenges to focus on proactively detecting
    and isolating advanced persistent threats (APTs) that might otherwise go

    While many SOCs are struggling to cope with the current security threat
    workload, organizations are making the switch to include threat hunting as
    part of their security framework. They are discovering that proactive threat
    hunting can reduce the risk and impact of threats while improving defenses
    against new attacks.

    In 2019, Cybersecurity Insiders conducted the third annual research project
    on threat hunting to gain deeper insights into the maturity and evolution of
    the security practice. The research confirms that organizations are increasing
    their operational maturity and investments in threat hunting. Organizations
    realize that proactively uncovering security threats pays off with earlier
    detection, faster response, and effective denial of future exploits that can
    damage business operations.