2020 Cloud Security Report [ISC2]

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Companies continue to rapidly migrate workloads from datacenters to the cloud, utilizing new technologies such as serverless, containers, and machine learning to benefit from increased efficiency, better scalability, and faster deployments from cloud computing.
Cloud security concerns remain high as the adoption of public cloud computing continues to
surge, especially in the wake of the 2020 COVID crisis and the resulting accelerated shift to
remote work environments.

Key survey findings include:
• Security remains a key issue for cloud customers, despite continued rapid adoption of cloud computing. A majority of cybersecurity professionals (94%) confirm they are at least moderately concerned about public cloud security, a small increase from last year’s survey.
• Among the key barriers to cloud adoption, organizations mention a lack of qualified staff (37%) as the biggest impediment to faster adoption – up from the fifth spot on last year’s survey.
• For the fourth year in a row, training and certifying IT staff (61%) ranks as the primary tactic organizations deploy to assure their evolving security needs are met. Fifty-eight percent of respondents rely on their cloud provider’s native security tools, and 34% are looking to hire more staff dedicated to cloud security.
• A majority of six of 10 organizations expect their cloud security budget to increase over the next 12 months. On average, organizations allocate 27% of their security budget to cloud security.
• When asked how organizations rate their overall security readiness, 69% rate their team’s security readiness average or below average. Only half as many say they are above average (31%). Of those, 80% believe their teams would benefit from cloud security training and/or certification.
• The main recurring theme in this survey is the continuing shortage of not only qualified
cybersecurity staff, but also the lack of security awareness and skills among all employees. Cybersecurity professionals agree that 59% of employees would benefit from security training and/or certification for their jobs.

This 2020 Cloud Security Report has been produced by Cybersecurity Insiders to explore how organizations are responding to the evolving security threats in the cloud and the continued shortfall of qualified security staff.

Many thanks to (ISC)2 for supporting this important research project. We hope you find this report informative and helpful as you continue your efforts in securing your cloud environments.


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