2020 Threat Hunting Report

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Threat hunting is a new discipline for most organizations, established in response to new security challenges to focus on proactively detecting and isolating advanced persistent threats (APTs) that might otherwise go undetected.

While many SOCs are struggling to cope with the current security threat workload, organizations are making the switch to include threat hunting as part of their security operations. They are discovering that proactive threat hunting can reduce the risk and impact of threats while improving defenses against new attacks.

In 2020, Cybersecurity Insiders conducted the third annual research project on threat hunting to gain deeper insights into the maturity and evolution of the security practice. The research confirms that organizations are increasing their operational maturity and investments in threat hunting. Organizations realize that proactively uncovering security threats pays off with earlier detection, faster response, and effective denial of future exploits that can damage business operations.

Key finding include:

  • Given the importance of threat hunting as a top initiative, it’s not surprising that a majority (51%) of organizations currently use a threat hunting platform.
  • A majority of security professionals (71%) still believe their SOC does not spend enough time proactively searching for new threats.
  • Fifty-four percent of organizations feel they are behind the curve or limited in their threat hunting capabilities.
  • Organizations’ threat hunting efforts are surprisingly balanced between proactive (52%) and reactive postures (48%) to detect and respond to threats, with a slight focus on proactive hunting.
  • While training for existing staff tops the list (57%) when asked about the investments that would help organizations improve their threat hunting abilities, security professionals highlighted a need for better, not more, tools as well.

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