2022 Endpoint Security Report [Adaptiva]

Faced with the challenges of defending against new and increasingly sophisticated threats, organizations are reporting an increase in endpoint security risk, while feeling insufficiently prepared to tackle new threats with existing endpoint security platforms.

The 2022 Endpoint Security Report reveals the latest endpoint security trends and challenges, why and how organizations invest in endpoint security, and the security capabilities companies are prioritizing.

Key findings include:

• 84% of organizations expect a compromising security attack within the next 12 months

• Perennial shortage of cybersecurity skills (44%) is the most reported security operations challenge, followed by the lack of continuous 24×7 security coverage (38%) and slow incident response (37%)

• Each month IT teams spend an average of 36 hours on endpoint security monitoring

• 43% of organizations take at least 1 week to roll out critical patches – 38% take longer than 1 week

• 34% of organizations say they have insufficient visibility into what is happening on the endpoint

Many thanks to Adaptiva for supporting this important research. We hope you find this report informative and helpful as you continue your efforts in protecting your IT environments.

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