2022 Managed Security Report

Most IT and security professionals agree that while security is critically important for their organization, they’re still facing major challenges to effectively managing it in-house. Managed security services have emerged as a practical, cost-effective option to close the cybersecurity staffing and competency gap and improve organizations’ overall security posture. The 2022 Managed Security Report reveals current challenges and illustrates why and how organizations invest in managed security services. It also provides insights into the security capabilities that companies are prioritizing.

Key findings include:

• A majority of organizations operate their security programs primarily in-house (56%). About a quarter of companies follow a hybrid approach of in-house and outsourced resources (23%). Fifteen percent of organizations outsource all of their security operations.

• The perennial shortage of in-house cybersecurity skills (47%) continues to top the list of security operations challenges. This issue is followed by the lack of 24/7 security coverage (38%) and the cost and complexity of building in-house security operations (37%).

• To respond to incoming cybersecurity threats, less than a third of organizations (28%) confirm they can only perform ad-hoc monitoring with IT professionals as the need arises.

About one-quarter of organizations (23%) have a team for responding to security incidents when they occur. About another quarter (23%) performs 24/7 monitoring and orchestration of threat detection, analysis and response.

We hope you’ll find this report informative and helpful as you continue your efforts in securing your organizations against evolving threats.

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