2023 Cloud Security Report [(ISC)2]

The 2023 Cloud Security Report highlights the critical cybersecurity concerns, incidents, and trends as organizations increasingly adopt multi-cloud environments. Despite growing cloud maturity, a staggering 95% of security professionals remain concerned about public cloud security, emphasizing the urgent need for education, training, and solutions that keep pace with complex multi-cloud environments and evolving threats.

An ongoing challenge faced by cybersecurity professionals is the lack of qualified security staff (43%). As 72% of respondents use two or more cloud providers, top security priorities such as preventing misconfigurations, securing cloud apps, and achieving regulatory compliance become increasingly challenging due to the rise in complexity and attack surface – made worse by the cybersecurity talent gap. Addressing the talent shortage issue through cybersecurity training and certifications emerges as a vital solution for organizations.

Barriers to cloud-based security are primarily people and process-related, rather than technology-focused. The lack of cybersecurity staff expertise and training (53%) remains the highest barrier, followed by budget challenges (44%) and data privacy issues (38%). The persistent shortage of qualified cybersecurity talent is also the most significant barrier to faster cloud adoption (37%), followed by legal and regulatory compliance issues (30%) and data security and leakage risks (29%).

In light of these challenges, a majority of organizations (83%) acknowledge that their teams require additional cloud security training and certifications to better operate in cloud environments. The report underscores the importance of addressing security concerns and investing in cybersecurity training and certifications to tackle the talent shortage and ensure a secure and robust cloud ecosystem.

We would like to thank (ISC)2 for supporting this unique research. We hope you enjoy this report.

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