Ransomware Attack on Redcar and Cleveland Council servers


    Public services have been partially disrupted for a week for those living in UK based Redcar and Cleveland Borough says a report published in BBC. And the news is out that the cyber attack has all traits related to ransomware and so files could remain scrambled until a ransom is paid in cryptocurrency to hackers.


    Estimates have reached that more than 200,000 residents could feel the impact sooner as the data recovery procedure might take some time- at least another 10 days.


    As a result of the attack, online bookings, digital document access, social care advice services, and council’s housing complaints systems in Redcar and Cleveland could be unavailable for the public for several days from now.


    UK’s National Crime Agency has started an investigation in this regard and has come to the conclusion that the attack took place on Saturday last week at 11 am.


    Redcar and Cleveland’s new councilor Mary Lanigan has confirmed the incident and says that all infected computers have been taken offline and the systems will be rebuilt soon.


    Note 1- The Council and NCA have confirmed the details of the cyber attack on the servers. But failed to accept that it was of ransomware genre.


    Note 2-Redcar and Cleveland is a town in North Yorkshire, England. A few years ago, it has turned into one of the popular tourist spots in the UK. The local council consists of 4 wards- West Dyke, Zetland, Coatham and Newcomen which were featured in Channel 4’s program ‘The Secret Millionaire’ in 2010.

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